Make a better bathroom – Upgrades and improvements

6 Nov, 2021

Make a better bathroom – Upgrades and improvements

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Bathrooms are critical spaces in a home. An experienced homeowner knows just how important, not only for everyday use but also for the resale value of the property. The need to make a better bathroom is ever present. In this article we give you some ideas for where to start to improve your bathroom spaces.

Make a better bathroom – Upgrades and improvements

make a better bathroom
A fresh backsplash can freshen up a bathroom

The bathroom is one of those private rooms where we spend our time either unwinding or preparing ourselves for a new day. Therefore, it’s essential to make the necessary long-term upgrades that help you calm down and make you smile each time you get into it. Let’s discuss some of them:

1.   Add storage units

One time or the other, you have been a victim of getting into the shower and realizing you do not have a towel. When we think about storage places, we often think about the bedroom, kitchen, and living room places. However, maximizing storage space in the bathroom is equally essential to keep your bathroom products organized and give the bathroom that clean and sophisticated look.

Built-in cabinets, featuring the BA-PAC Removable Plastic Access Door, will be the perfect addition for storage to prevent losing floor space. Also, you could add built-in lighting to the cabinets to make it even easier for you to locate whatever you need.

2.   Improve lighting

Adequate lighting is essential in every room of the home, but the bathroom needs it more, especially for safety purposes. Having a dark bathroom can completely alter its look. If you have input in the building process of your home from the beginning, request that the position that your bathroom faces has natural lighting, as this will make it easier for you to do extra lighting upgrades.

If you can’t add a window to improve lighting, then go for the skylight option if possible. With this, at least, your bathroom will be well lit during the day. If possible, opt for skylights that can open up easily to improve air circulation in the bathroom. For artificial lighting, don’t use harsh light bulbs but add smooth lighting to reflect your natural beauty in the bathroom by using long-lasting LED bulbs.

3.   Think about the bathtub

If you have a small bathroom, you probably have already exempted yourself from adding a bathtub. However, unusual from accepted norms, you don’t need a big bathtub to enjoy it. These days, smaller tubs are a new style since they’ll take smaller floor space, they’re easier to clean, and you won’t need lots of water and energy to fill them. However, if you already have a large tub, the easiest option is to refinish to revamp its look. However, if you wish to spend some extra dollars, you can remove it and replace it with a smaller tub.

4.   Replace your water heater

If you have a small bathroom, it’s less likely that you’ll have a bathtub, but you should have a water heater. Most homeowners with large bathrooms also have a segregated place with a water heater. With the advocacy of using energy-sustaining products, this would be the time to choose the best water heater model for your bathroom.

If you don’t know which type to go for, look for a reliable professional who will help with the water heater installation. They should also help you identify one that will fulfill your hot water needs, be safe to operate, remain relatively quiet, and have easy maintenance. After all, it will be a worthy investment.

make a better bathroom
Follow a decorative them all the way through the bathroom for cohesion

5.   Do a paint project

Deciding on the color choice and the type of paint to use in the bathroom can be a tricky affair. It would be ideal for you to take your time since we know water is highly used, and it is the first threat to paint since it can cause it to easily peel off and stick moisture and mold to the walls.

The glossy finish paint that’s mold-resistant is highly recommended for bathroom use. With this paint on your bathroom walls, you won’t have to worry much about the molds and peeling anymore. Also, choose the color that best matches the bathroom theme color. Once you identify your choice of paint, a professional painter should first clean out the old paint entirely then later add the fresh coat of paint. Doing this will guarantee a new, fresh, and long-lasting look to your bathroom.

6.   Consider adding heated flooring

Some consider heated flooring a luxury, but they are worth every dime. Here are reasons why you should reconsider this flooring:

  • Comfortable to step on- They are warm and supply uniform heating across the entire bathroom regulating the temperatures to the needed levels.
  • Energy-efficient- They will save you the extra utility bill costs.
  • They are bathroom safety enhancers- They are non-slip and dry off quickly compared to unheated floors.

7.   Think safety first

An all-inclusive home is the best thing you can ever have to keep everyone comfortable. The bathroom is widely known for its safety issues, primarily due to the frequent slips which lead to a bad back and head injuries. However, besides the non-slip floors, adding extra safety enhancers like grab rails, non-slip mats, treating any mold, preventing shock episodes, and many more would be ideal. All these are essential upgrades in your home, and they will save you a lot more in the future.

A final work on why you should make a better bathroom

A bathroom upgrade offers the perfect opportunity to use all the unique fixtures you have ever thought of. However, while doing this, don’t forget to keep your family in the loop. Your bathroom is one of those spaces that can cause a considerable difference to your home if well taken care of.


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