Make a house more eco-friendly – Here’s how

26 Jun, 2021

Make a house more eco-friendly – Here’s how

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Many homeowners are now facing local government enforcements to recycle rubbish. We are also being educated to manage our use of water and electricity with caution. But how do we make a house more eco-friendly voluntarily for the good of the planet and our children? Read on to learn some simple steps you can take to this end.

Simple ways to make a house more eco-friendly

make an eco-friendly house
We need to protect our environment to save the planet. Help to make a house more eco friendly to support this challenge

Photo by Noah Buscher

Many people choose to make their homes eco-friendly in order to protect the environment. This way of life becomes increasingly important each day. We know we must protect the environment from the damage and erosion humans inflict on the planet.

These damages have made people be more concerned about the future and the way it will look like for future generations, so you should do your part for your and your children’s sake. It is possible to make eco-friendly choices; you can start with small changes first, like using recyclable water bottles, then go for bigger changes like installing solar panels.

There are individuals who want to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, but they don’t know where to start, so if you’re one of them, keep reading for simple ways to make your house more eco-friendly.

Install a smart meter

Your heater consumes a lot of energy, especially during the winter when you leave it on for an extended periods of time whether you are in the home or not. If you can avoid using energy like this it can make a house more eco. For this reason, it is better to install a smart meter in your home so that you can program its operation at certain times of the day.

For instance, you can set the program while you are at work to start heating up before you get home and shut off an hour before you leave for work the next day. These smart meters also reduce carbon footprints and will decrease your energy bills.

Install solar panels

If you want to have an eco-friendly home, then installing solar panels is a must. Installing solar panels will cost you a lot, but you can consider it a long-term investment because, in the long run, you will be saving more money compared to the amount you have spent.

Sometimes, people don’t want to go for big changes that may cost them a lot of money as they believe that one person won’t make much difference anyway. On the contrary, the positive change-makers at states that individual contributions can make more achievements, so it is important to do your part even if it will cost you more than what you are hoping for.

Solar panels will also provide you with clean electricity, and you may even make enough electricity that you can sell to earn back the money you spent. It is possible to make eco-friendly choices. You can start with small changes first, like using recyclable water bottles, then go for bigger changes like installing efficient solar panels.

Buy energy efficient light bulbs

One of the most important things that every eco-friendly home needs are energy-efficient light bulbs. Most people opt for compact fluorescent lamps or CFL as they are more efficient, and are considered a better option than older glowing bulbs. Although these bulbs have been around for years, it is only recently that people have come around to get them. It is really a good idea to make the switch because energy-efficient light bulbs last longer, use less electricity, and you won’t need to replace them as often as your old light bulbs.

Use natural cleaning products

Most cleaning products contain chemicals that are not good for the environment. Washing them away will actually put them into the water supply. This means that your water will take more time to be purified before you can safely use it again. Therefore, it is recommended to use natural cleaning products for your daily cleaning.

These natural products include vinegar, citric acids, and soda. And all of these can be used instead of chemicals and will give you the same results.

solar panels make a house more eco
Solar panels are a great solution to help make a house more eco

Photo by Vivint Solar

Use recycled furniture

There is no need anymore to buy your furniture from big brands stores. You can now find great pre-loved furniture. Using second hand furniture in your home will help you make a house more eco.

Much of this furniture if not recycled is made from recycled and other eco-friendly materials. The furniture is actually brand new but is made from materials that have been thrown away.

If you are looking for a big item of furniture to purchase then, you should check auction websites online or auction houses. These older items will only require little maintenance and can last you for a very long time.

vintage furniture in a home
Selecting some vintage second hand furniture will make a house more eco and your decor eclectic

Photo by Csongor Schmutc

Final thoughts on how to make a house more eco

The truth is, the environment is suffering, and every person should do their part now before it is too late. Every small contribution counts. Even if it costs a little more money it is worth the investment. This is because you aren’t only investing in products you are investing in a better future.

There are many things that you can do to make a more eco-friendly house. Try installing a smart meter, solar panels, buying energy-efficient bulbs, recycled furniture, as well as use natural cleaning products. By doing these, you aren’t only saving the environment; you are also giving yourself the chance to live a cleaner lifestyle.


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