Make a pet friendly environment at home – Here’s how

3 Dec, 2021

Make a pet friendly environment at home – Here’s how

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Petowners around the world mostly have pets living in their homes. But how do you make a pet friendly environment at home? Here are five top tips to help you do just that.

How to make a pet friendly environment at home – 5 Top Tips

pet friendly environment at home
Much as we love our pets we must protect our homes from them

Pets are an excellent addition to your home. They ensure you are not lonely, help lower stress levels and keep fit. However, before you introduce your companion into your home, you need to ensure that the space is safe and comfortable. Read on for five ways you can make your home pet-friendly.

1. Keep the home clean

Like humans, pets also need to live in a clean environment, so you should regularly clean the house. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner to clean carpets, curtains,  cushions, rugs, and drapes, among other surfaces. This helps to eliminate dust, debris, and dirt that could compromise your pet’s health. Pets such as dogs and cats should be regularly washed and brushed to reduce shedding.  

You could also invest in a quality filter, such as a 16x20x1 air filter. Filters trap dust, dirt, debris, carbon, and pet dander, improving indoor air quality.

2. Consider the flooring

With pets continually running around the house, you need to make your floor safe to avoid injuries. The harder the floor, the better. You could opt for tile or laminate flooring as they are scratch-resistant and provide an ideal place for pets to nap. These floors are easy to clean, so you do not have to worry about stains or fur sticking on the surfaces.

Avoid adding carpets on your floor if you have pets in the house, as they tend to harbor dust, bacteria, and pet danders, which could compromise the health of your pets and family.

3. Keep medication and vitamins in a secure place

It can be a nightmare if your furry friends find their way to your meds or vitamins. When consumed by pets, some human medication, especially those containing amphetamine, could result in elevated temperatures, seizures, tremors, respiratory or cardiac arrest. Ensure that you keep all medicines out of your pet’s reach. Foods such as grapes, nuts, avocados, chocolates, and raisins should also be held from pets, especially dogs, as they can be poisonous.

4. Purchase trash cans with lids

Pets, especially dogs, love to get into the trash. This could result in embarrassing situations, especially when you have guests over. You could have trash and old food strewn across the floors. Your trash cans could also be filled with indigestible items and harmful chemicals that could be hazardous to your canine. Invest in trash cans with lids to keep garbage covered at all times. You could also keep the trash cans in the pantry, cabinets, closets, or outdoors to prevent the pets from knocking them over.

5. Make the yard pet-friendly

Your furry companions love to spend most of their time outdoors playing and exercising, so you should make your yard pet safe. Ensure that you clean, declutter and remove twigs and wood from the space to protect your pets from pest bites and stings. You could also install a high fence to prevent your fur babies from jumping and eliminate toxic plants.

Endnote – Creating a pet friendly environment at home

Pets are a source of unconditional love and loyalty, so they deserve to live in a safe and comfortable environment. Consider these tips to make your home pet-friendly.



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