Make a super cozy bedroom – Here’s how

7 Apr, 2022

Make a super cozy bedroom – Here’s how

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Think of your ideal place to rest at night. Every homeowner fantasizes about that perfect ideal bedroom where comfort and relaxation are guaranteed. But what does that mean for you and how can you create your own cozy bedroom. Read on to learn some affordable ideas that can help achieve your ideal.

How to make a super cozy bedroom

cozy bedroom
What is your ideal of the ultimate cozy bedroom?

If there is one room in the entire home that you want to be super cozy, it would be the bedroom. Every other room where you might expect company from time to time is more about fashion than function, but the bedroom is your domain. It’s where you retire to after a long and stressful day at work and where you hide out when the teens are at it again in the game room.

It’s an oasis in the desert of everyday life. So, with that in mind, how can you make your bedroom super cozy so that you can get even more enjoyment and relaxation than you already do?

It begins the moment you open the door

Believe it or not, that feeling of comfort begins the moment you open the door. Keep this in mind when choosing color schemes. You may have an affinity for bright neons, but the bedroom isn’t the place for anything but warm tones that elicit a feeling of comfort. From walls to linens, keep your color schemes neutral because busy colors elicit a busy response and that is anything but cozy!

Creature comfort beyond visual appeal

There will be days when you want nothing more than to toss off your shoes and street clothes to wrap yourself up in a blanket, on the bed with a good book you happen to be reading. Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with your bed, even though your current mattress cost a small fortune once upon a time.

It could be that you bought the wrong mattress for your sleeping preference and body weight, if you can believe that!

In this SFGate review of the best mattresses for 2022, you will find varying degrees of firmness but only you can decide which is best for you. Are you a side sleeper? Then a soft to medium mattress is the coziest you’ll find. Back and stomach sleepers require a mattress that is firmer, so you need to be the judge of that.

Avoid clutter at all costs

There is something to be said for avoiding clutter in your bedroom. Remember, this is a place where your primary goal is to enjoy the coziest room possible. This is where you will come to relax and if it is too busy with clutter, there is no way you will be able to shut off the mind. As a matter of fact, this is one of the main reasons why minimalist décor is as popular as it is today.

Create subliminal messages in décor

designs for a cozier more comfortable room
A bedroom always benefits from feeling cozy

Speaking of décor, you can always elicit a warm and cozy feeling with just a few items of décor. Perhaps a photo on the wall of a waterfall set deep amidst lush tropical vegetation would instantly transport you to a place of tranquility. Maybe a few plush throw pillows on the bed would work as well. Keep these items to a minimum but always have one or two items that invite you to snuggle and relax.

Keep lights and sound to a minimum

Finally, it is imperative that you keep lights and sound to a bare minimum. If you don’t already have dimmer switches on your overhead lights and table lamps, it’s way past time to have those installed. Also, if at all possible, don’t watch the nightly news from your bedroom area.

A few light instrumentals might invite you to relax but modern hip hop is going to have you swaying to the beat and that cannot possibly be construed for relaxation!

Final thoughts on your cozy bedroom

The whole point in all this would be to decorate your bedroom in a way that most expresses your comfort ‘ideal’. From choosing the perfect décor to the right mattress these decisions matter for your sleeping preferences. Everything needs to elicit a feeling of calm and relaxation from the moment you step inside the door. So then, ask yourself, what does comfort mean to you? That’s the approach you need.


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