Make an elegant home – Here are some top tips

9 Mar, 2021

Make an elegant home – Here are some top tips

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Are you a homeowner who decorates or do you have people in to help you decorate? Regardless of whether or not you pick up the paint brush or replace the flooring you may add the occasional touch to your property.  If you are looking for ways to pep up your home look and atmosphere perhaps to make an elegant home check out this blog.

Little changes that will boost your home’s elegance

elegant home
Flower displays in fine containers make an elegant statement

When you’re working on the interior of your home, it seems like all the advice and research available emphasizes big changes. The big changes often recommended include a complete remodelling, total renovations as well as makeovers for entire rooms.

While these sound nice, most of us aren’t looking for such drastic (and expensive) changes to make. We want suggestions for small changes we can afford and accomplish a new vibe for our room or home. Whether you are looking for the look of an elegant home or a modern statement, here are some suggestions. The following will explore some smaller changes you can make that will help increase the elegance of your space.

Play around with norms

Just because trim tends to be white and door handles tend to be made of lighter metals doesn’t mean it always has to be this way. Experimenting with finished wood trim or dark coloured door handles can give the entire space a fresh and inviting feel. Think of the houses that stuck out to you in movies and television shows—more often than not, there are a few quirky traits that resulted in the images staying with you all these years. 

House plants make an elegant home

Environmental psychologists and interior designers agree: house plants are classy and stunning in your space. A pop of green and natural vibes works with nearly every style and layout, but more than this, house plants are good for your wellbeing.

Studies have found that having plants inside can boost your mood, increase creativity, improve focus, reduce symptoms of depression, soothe anxiety, minimize allergies, and facilitate better sleep. A big part of keeping your home looking elegant is having it feel elegant. Plants are inexpensive and do wonders for the look and feel of your space.

Light bulb switch

This one seems so small that it almost feels like a joke. It isn’t. Light bulbs come in different shapes, sizes and colour hues from bright, hospital white to autumn glow beige. Take a moment to think about the lighting vibe you want to go for, and then seek out some new light bulbs.

This is an incredibly inexpensive way to give your whole home a facelift. Choose the light you want for an elegant home, consider the softness of the light and accents around each room. While you’re at it, you might want to seek out environmentally friendly bulbs and enjoy that nice improvement in your utility bill each month. You’re welcome.

elegant home
Work natural light with accent lighting for an elegant statement

Work with natural light

Yes, another lighting tip—light changes the entire feeling of a space, and natural light does this better than anything else. When choosing the layout of furniture and items, take into consideration the natural lighting available and at what times the light is the best. You might want to place any mirrors opposite windows to help magnify the natural light you already have.

Depending on your particular aesthetic, you might even want a few windowsill or window ornaments that catch and refract light. Suncatchers and sundials come in all shapes and sizes, all design styles (including so minimal you basically can’t see them) and can result in stunning streams of light in your space. At the bare minimum, give your windows a good wash inside and out. We can’t stress the importance of light enough.

Outlet and light switch covers

Over time outlet covers and light switch covers get really grimy. We’re always touching them, and no matter how clean of a person we are, our hands have natural oils on them, which gunk up things that are touched a lot.

Taking off all the outlet and switch covers and giving them a good wash can do wonders for your space. You don’t realize how gross they get because it happens so gradually, but there will most likely be a stark difference. You can also replace all of them relatively cheaply and completely update the feeling of your space. It’s the little things that date your house.

An elegant home with sheer curtains

elegant home
Sheer curtains easily create the ambiance of an elegant home

Sheer curtains (often a translucent-white color) evoke feelings of clean, freshness, and welcome. They’re also way less expensive than pretty much all other curtain options. Curtains tend to be one of the things that date our homes the most drastically (they’re also often cleaned the least, which makes them full of allergens like dust).

Selected lamps make an elegant home

Yes, a third lighting note. Are you noticing a trend here? Mood lighting changes everything. It’s why movie stars look stunning on camera, but like normal people in real life. Any darker corners, nooks, or crannies might just need a lamp, and suddenly all new life is breathed into your space.

The ideas shared above are all inexpensive touches that you can make or add in a fairly short period of time. By thinking about such small measures you can create an elegant home, and improve the welcoming vibe of your home.

Many homeowners see their home decoration as an ongoing project. Once you see how big a difference something so small can make, you’ll be on the hunt for small décor tweaks for the rest of your life.



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