Make an outdoor space more comfortable – 8 Tips

25 Jan, 2023

Make an outdoor space more comfortable – 8 Tips

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If as a homeowner you have a garden or a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, read on. We offer some top tips on how to make an outdoor space comfortable. Read on to learn more.

8 Tips – How to make an outdoor space more comfortable

make an outdoor space more comfortable
With just a little investment you can improve the comfort of your outdoor space

There’s nothing much better than having your own outdoor area in which to unwind and relax. It enables you to enjoy the sunshine, whether it’s with your family or friends. If you’re seeking easy tips for home decor upgrades, why not start with your backyard? Thanks to the 8 tips provided in this article, you’ll be able to make your outdoor space more comfortable than ever.

1.Invest in comfy furniture

You’ll want to have furniture that looks good and stays good, regardless of the weather. You should therefore use long-lasting materials such as cedar, teak, and metal. Besides worrying about exposure to rainstorms and snow, you also need to consider the sun.

For this reason, buy materials that are fade-resistant. There are lots of blogs and articles that can advise you, as well as websites that sell the actual products. If you visit an online outdoor furniture store you can search by category, brand, and price, and also pre-order items. Whether you want tables, chairs, benches, or lounges you can personalize your space regardless of its size.

Many people purchase hammocks and heavier blankets so they can spend both sunny and chilly days reading books or having a nap outdoors. You may have some trees you can hang one on – if not, there are special stands you can buy.

2. Add some throws and cushions

These can be added to your outdoor furniture to make it more comfortable and stylish-looking. In terms of throws, you’ll want something lightweight during the summer – such as cotton or linen. When winter arrives, heavier blankets will be the order of the day. 

Throw pillows are suitable for adding to wooden benches or wicker chairs to make them comfier. The more weather-resistant the materials are the better, although you can obviously bring them inside should it rain during an event.

3. Utilize the shade

If you want to stay comfortable outside, you won’t want the sun in your eyes, or to feel like you’re being cooked! The UV rays could end up giving you sunburns, or cause more major issues such as skin cancer. You may have some large trees or plants that can provide a natural solution. Alternatively, things like fences, sheds, and hedges can be of help.

You could also purchase some umbrellas to keep the sun off or add an awning to the side of your house. If the latter is retractable, you can open or close it whenever you need. It’s also worth considering how an arbor or trellis could benefit you. Not only can these things keep the heat off your body but they can protect you from unwanted breezes at other times.

4. Create privacy

It can be a challenge to relax in your backyard if there are prying eyes from outsiders. You may have neighbors whose properties overlook yours, or passersby who can look directly into your garden. Some of the items we’ve just discussed regarding shade can also serve to hide you from the view of others. For instance, trees or plants can be beneficial when they’re placed around the perimeter of your property. 

Bamboo plants are tall, and can also soak up some of the background noise you can hear around you. A fence containing tall shrubs or vines is a great option for maintaining your privacy at home.

5. Incorporate water features

It’s possible to change the ambiance and atmosphere of your outdoor space. Some examples include installing a fish pond with aquatic plants, a small or large fountain, or even a bird bath. Fountains are great, and the sounds they generate can make an area feel more soothing. The gentle flow of water makes you feel relaxed, whilst masking other unwanted sounds. 

A water feature with a sculpture and spotlighting makes the perfect focal point. Bird baths (and bird boxes and bird tables) help encourage nature into your garden area.

6. Install an outdoor kitchen

This would bring your entertaining up a gear, as you’d have an increased number of culinary options available. You could create anything from cooked sausages to more complex foods whenever you host an event. If you add a patio area you could cover it with an outdoor rug. This would make the ground soft under people’s feet, whilst improving the area’s aesthetic value. Additionally, it would protect your patio flooring from marks and scratches.

Depending on how much space you have available, you could add built-in grills or refrigerators, and ice makers. No matter what you do, make sure everything’s made from durable materials. Any changes to electrical outlets should be performed by a professional to ensure the safety of everyone.

7. Add an outdoor fireplace or firepit

A roaring fire can keep everyone warm once it gets dark, extending the time you and your friends can stay outside. Outdoor fireplaces are great from a visual as well as a functional angle. Firepits can also be ideal for gathering around when it gets cold. Plus you can roast marshmallows on them during the evening. 

You could either make a firepit yourself or buy one from a local/online store. Finally, make sure whatever you choose complements the existing decor in your backyard.

8. Enhance the lighting

Not only can outdoor lighting improve the appearance of your backyard or garden, but it can also improve safety. This especially applies if you’re walking around outside at night, or if you have guests who are unfamiliar with your property. Things like string lights are easy to put up, and they can instantly make an outdoor area seem more inviting. 

It’s also worth researching wall-mounted sconces for placing by your deck entrance or the side of your patio area. There are options for people who want lights connected to electric power sources, and also solar-powered products that don’t require this.

These 8 tips can make your outdoor space more comfortable than before. They can add a splash of color and character, or fulfil a specific purpose. In turn, both your family and guests will reap the benefits and enjoy their time outdoors for many years ahead.


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