Make your home look great for less for new year

28 Dec, 2022

Make your home look great for less for new year

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Many homeowners like to refresh and decorate before a big party like at new year’s for example. But how do you make your home look great for less when budgets are tight and we’re in a cost of living crisis? Read on to learn more.

How to make your home look great for less this new year

paint the walls to make your home look great
Choosing a good paint colour will refresh your walls and décor

After the holidays, the new year represents a new start and a good time to decorate. But it can be expensive to make your home look great. So here are some tips to save money doing so.

Take advantage of retailer sales

As you will be aware, almost every reputable retailer likes to throw us a proverbial bone after Christmas by offering generous discounts. Homeware stores such as KOO and others like it are great for bagging bargains that would otherwise cost quite a lot. So if you have any spare money after the holidays, or you were given some as a gift, take advantage of the sales.

Otherwise, you might miss out on something you want or end up paying a lot more later on.

Embrace neutral colours

decorating a bedroom
Display personal items against neutral colours to make your home look great

You probably know that neutral colours are in style. Neutral colours are great because they let you put your own style into a room. And when used right, they can look very expensive. Neutral paints and fabrics can be used to do this. Try a neutral colour, like beige, in your living room. Or, use a fabric of a neutral colour for your new couch or as a couch cover.

When you use neutrals, you can then add the colours you want to break up the look to lessen the monotony.

Make your home look great with small replacements

Taking care of your home is a job that never ends. In fact, the average home has about 9 DIY projects that aren’t finished at any given time. Some jobs are bigger and need more planning and skill. Yet most are simple ones you can do in minutes.

So why not use the chance to make some changes? So, if your kitchen drawer is loose, go ahead and put new handles on it. Or, you could add a towel rack that goes with the new paint colour of your kitchen or bathroom.

Spruce up your entryway

You want to feel welcome, warm, and relieved when you get home. So how you feel about your home depends a lot on your entryway. So, giving it a little makeover can help you feel more at ease while you shut out the rest of the world. Also m While modifying your stairway might seem like an odd way to make your house look better.

But a new or refinished bannister or a lick of paint on the balustrades can change how you feel about it when you first come inside, and you know it will make your home look great.

Try some fresh fabrics to make your home look great

Fresh fabrics can give a brighter feel to the windows

If your furniture and curtains are all the same fabric and texture, your space will almost certainly look boring. Change up plain throw pillows with ones that have different styles and dimensions to easily add depth. Even if you don’t like a lot of colour in your rooms, adding a few colours that are different from the neutrals you already have will make the room feel more alive.

And if you don’t want too much of a bright colour scheme, you can also try softer tones and pastels.

How to make your home look great for less in summary

It’s not uncommon for people to want to decorate as they head into a new year. With money tight, you can hit the retailer sales, make small but effective replacements and swap out fabrics.


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