Marlow housesitters keep the neighbourhood and pets safe

13 Dec, 2018

Marlow housesitters keep the neighbourhood and pets safe

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The search for Marlow housesitters, or petsitters anywhere, is something we can help you with. From time to time we interview our members to better understand how they found us and how we help them. Recently, Martin told us about why he decided to look for Marlow housesitters. A spate of burglaries in this Thames side town made him reconsider the options for pet care and security.

As a former insurance risk assessor his thoughts about the ways of protecting his home and pets are particularly helpful. Read our homeowner interview –

Marlow in Buckinghamshire is a great place to live

Marlow housesitters view of the River Thames
Marlow Bridge from Higginson Park by the River Thames

Photo by Lamia Walker

How long have you lived in Marlow & what do you love and dislike about the area?

I’ve lived in Marlow for seven years and love the river, my wife and I and our dogs spend a lot of time here. We are lucky enough to have access to a boat so this gives us a real sense of adventure and we also love camping out on the river.

Ideal location draws Marlow housesitters

The location of Marlow is superb with a higher than average spectrum of the UK income tax bands. We make good use of the River Thames and the Chiltern Hills, and we’re able to jump on a train and speed to London for business meetings.

I really love the people here, particularly those who were born here and what us as outsiders refer to as ‘Marvolians’. They are proud and protective of the town, telling us how it was back in the good old days.

My few dislikes of Marlow are mostly about the parking issues and the volume of traffic that is growing. Also the number of restaurants and coffee shops is getting out of hand! More particularly, the number of reported burglaries in the area is also a concern.

We use Marlow housesitters found through HouseSitMatch to keep our pets safe

dog sitting on grass
Keeping our dogs safe is very important to us

Photo by Oleksandr P

How long have you had pets?

We have had our dogs coming up to six years. My wife and I enjoy walking them and spending time altogether. We certainly don’t like the concept of our dogs being walked by dog walkers with lots of other dogs.

Actually we prefer our dogs to be walked on familiar routes because if they go astray or run off they’ll be familiar with the route, and others walking the route will likely recognise them. We also think that having a dog walker come to the house with a marked van announces to the world that there is no one home. It’s a red flag for risk conscious people like myself!

We prefer Marlow petsitters to Kennels

We have tried using kennels in the past but we decided to keep our pets within their own home environment with as little disruption as possible to their routines. One of our dogs has a medical condition so this is particularly important. For all these reasons pet-sitting is the solution that works best for us.

We have other pets. A long time ago our daughter wanted a cockatoo and chinchilla; our daughter has now grown up and left home, however, typically these pets remain and are now 20 and 25 years old respectively!

What’s the major benefits of having Marlow housesitters?

Pets health issues –

As one of our dogs has health issues having Marlow housesitters stay right in our home with the dogs makes sense, as they can ensure consistency of treatment for the pets.

Security for our home –

Alarmingly we have had six break-ins very close to where we live so having someone stay in our home provides us with peace of mind when we’re away; of-course housesitters mean added security for both our home and pets.

Alternatives to housesitters –

It’s also worth considering that most professional Dog Walkers tend to have a branded van, you would only need to follow one of these vehicles to ascertain when the home owners are away from their properties, and bingo a perfect crime in the waiting…

What was your main concern with using a housesitter?

Initially, we were concerned. Our fear was that once committed to a sitter there would be the possibility we’d be stuck if they failed to make the dates. However, our first experience of housesitting reassured us that once a commitment is made it is as much of a benefit for the Marlow housesitters as for us.

The real worry is if either party falls sick and are unable to help the other. This could be a problem if the holiday has flights and accommodation pre-booked.

After conversations with Lamia it became apparent that in the unlikely event that a housesitter cancelled the HSM community has a strong team that would be able to step into the role with speed, confidence and experience.

Housesitting arrangement is an exchange of services

My wife and I are very aware that in this housesitting arrangement the housesitter is also on a break away from their day to day lives, staying in our property is a holiday for them as well. They benefit by gaining free accommodation for their working holiday, and we gain free petsitting. It is a fair exchange.

We ensure that our housesitters know where all the best attractions are and have even offered restaurant vouchers as a thank you to help celebrate a housesitter’s birthday!

How did you go about interviewing your House Sitters?

mary and ray housesitters from HouseSitMatch with view of Marlow in the background
Mary and Ray as Marlow petsitters


I’m aware that before a housesitter is introduced to a client they have to go through a comprehensive security check with Lamia.

For myself as a home owner after these checks were made my first priority was how our dogs got on with the housesitters. The rapport between our dogs and the sitters is important.

Meet and Greet – Marlow housesitters and the dogs

We took the Housesitters out for a walk with us and our dogs to watch their interaction. Once our doggies’ tails were wagging we had a good indication!

Once we were confident that the housesitters were a good match we provided an instruction sheet with detailed doggie requirements. This backed into the documentation that is also provided by the HouseSitMatch Team makes an excellent brief.

Finding Marlow petsitters –

HouseSitMatch helped us to find some fantastic Marlow housesitters in the past and we are very confident with using them again, when we are away we send each other regular texts to ensure that all parties remain happy within the situation.

We are so happy with Mary and Ray a couple who have Housesat for us several times, they make our pet-sitting arrangement so collaborative and easy. We now know them on a personal level and it feels like a good fit.

They are the perfect Marlow housesitters because they too love the town.

Photo by Lamia Walker

How did you prepare for your Marlow pet sitters?

As one of our dogs has a long term illness we leave comprehensive medical instructions. We also discuss these elements with the house sitters to ensure all parties are confident.  Also as a top tip we leave the dogs food already scooped out in daily bags along with their supplements. This avoids any confusion and the dogs get what they need. This is how we like to prepare and brief a pet sitter caring for our pets.

What are your sensitivities about leaving your home when on holiday?

Security is our major sensitivity, especially in the light of recent burglaries. Using a housesitter ensures that the house looks and is lived in when we are away, with cars coming and going and our alarm being monitored and set.

Why do you feel that housesitting works for you and your home in particular?

When engaging Marlow petsitters we have left for our holidays with peace of mind that our pets and home are in good hands. It takes away the worry that our precious pets and home that we have created will be well looked after.

Marlow petsitters
Our dogs are pretty lively, we like to keep them safe in the company of Marlow petsitters

Pixabay content license

Do you have any top tips regarding using a housesitter?

Maintaining the Pets’ routine is key. Feeding the pets in their own routines is especially important. We leave our dog’s food and supplements within daily bags to make life easier. This works really well for all parties.

Keeping the home tidy.  We like to leave our house spick and span and have found that this pays off. On our return the gesture is always reciprocated. We’ve come home from our holidays to a very clean house and happy pets thanks to our Marlow petsitters.

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