Minimalist home décor – Dos and don’ts

15 Jun, 2022

Minimalist home décor – Dos and don’ts

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From time to time every homeowner decides to have a clear out of clutter. Decluttering can be addictive and soon you find yourself attacking the whole house to make space. Some of us find it really appealing to aim for the minimalist home décor look. Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember when you are working towards the minimalist look.

Do’s and don’ts of minimalist home décor:

How to achieve that polished look

minimalist home decor
Clean lines and space are the essence of a minimalist home decor

Minimalist décor is very attractive. It seems simple, but it’s not, it’s pretty complex. Minimalism is all about simplicity and decency and is a great concept for homes with limited space. This type of interior design allows you to use maximum space without crowding it. It’s being used across the world now to its benefit. 

However, this décor style demands a lot of brainstorming. Several factors are to be taken into consideration to achieve the best results. In this article, we’ll look at the dos and don’ts of minimalist décor.

Do: Declutter your home for a minimalist home décor

Minimalism involves removing your non-essential objects. So achieving a minimalist home décor starts with the decluttering. If you feel that your home is crowded with items laying on the floor, it’s time to take action. Get rid of all the unnecessary items and junk to make room for things you need. A minimalist design deals mostly with necessity.

he objects you use every day should have a specific storage place, and the non-essential ones that are just sitting there accumulating dust should be removed. The major advantage of minimization is that it allows you to clear your space and provide an open environment. Order and organization of objects are necessary to achieve this.

Do: Focus mainly on functionality 

The most important element of this type of décor design is functionality and having your necessities near you. Once you realize you only need a handful of items, you’ll remove the ones that take up space and are of no use in your daily life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t decorate your place.

On the contrary, decorations around your home will provide a fine artistic touch. They won’t dull your sparkle and will minimize the boring effect some people feel due to a minimalist interior design.

Don’t: Use complex color schemes

As stated earlier, minimalist décor is all about simplicity and decency. This means you can’t use complex color schemes. Think of it this way: you may want to implement your favorite colors in your interior design ideas, whether it’s the curtains, walls, floors, or even the bed sheets, but too many colors are difficult to absorb. It’s a better idea to use a plain and simple color like white.

You can also use black floor paint or another contrasting color palette to balance the color scheme out. Choose a dominant base color for your home and then a secondary color. Lastly, you can choose a third color for finishing touches. This is called the 60/30/10 rule.

Do: Focus on empty spaces 

Empty spaces play a pivotal role in a minimalist home décor design. You need to know how to use them properly. Empty spaces are important because they create focal points. These are points of attention and if the house is cluttered or crowded, the focal point is disturbed.

They create a visual balance between your background and your items. If you cover the entire wall with shelves, leaving small empty spaces, it won’t look that good. However, if you put shelves close to each other on a corner perhaps, a perfect balance will be created making the wall more attractive. 

Don’t: Use too many decorative items 

Over decorating can be a real mess. A minimalist home decor doesn’t restrict decorations, but using too many decorative items goes against a minimalist décor design. Instead of hanging several small paintings on a wall, you can hang a large one to create order and let it blend in with the background. Ensure that you choose the best decorative item that catches your attention quickly.

The placement of these decorations is also very important when you pursue a minimalist home decor. However, ensure that it doesn’t overshadow your entire design or disturb it.

Do: Use Minimalist Style Furniture

The furniture you own will also play a pivotal role. If you own a huge sofa or table, they won’t be of much help when pursuing a minimalist home decor. Instead, you should opt for minimalist furniture as they take up less space and provide more space-saving options. Ensure that you buy only the essential furniture and avoid filling up the space with extra tables or chairs.

Moreover, you shouldn’t buy bulky and textured items either. Instead, when you want a minimalist home decor go for solid-colored furniture; white furniture will provide the best experience.

minimalist home decor
Keeping a tidy, uncluttered space helps you create the look

A final thought on minimalist home décor

Minimalism is all about emptying your space and decorating your place appropriately. Keeping things as simple as possible is key. You need to store your items properly and eliminate the non-essential items that are taking up your space. If you give it time and thought, you’ll realize that you only use a handful of things and everything else just sits there waiting to be cleaned.

Use a decent neutral color scheme and try to focus on functionality. Declutter your place and avoid using too many fancy decorations and keep things simple for a minimalist home decor with these dos and don’ts list!


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