Modern Day Home Security for Peace of Mind Travelling

13 Feb, 2020

Modern Day Home Security for Peace of Mind Travelling

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Maintaining security in your home is more important today than it has ever been. Modern day home security has so many advantages for the homeowner with the rapid evolution of tech, the Internet of Things and programmable security applications and locks for your home that you control in your home and remotely.

Read this blog for some great suggestions on how to travel with peace of mind knowing that you have prepared your housesitter and secured your home with the up to the minute home security devices.

Travel with Peace of Mind – Secure your home

modern day home security
A front door is often the first line of defence  as the main entrance to your home

A trusty lock and key has been the favoured method of home security ever since the affluent Ancient Romans wanted to keep their belongings secure. Today, several changes have been made to the design of the traditional lock adding anti-pick and anti-drill features. Nonetheless, lock and key security is still the main method of keeping our homes and property safe from unauthorised access. However, the more sophisticated and reliable suppliers of alarm systems such as Verisure can help you organise a security solution appropriate for you. Here are some examples of how smart technology can be used to keep your home safe.

Enter Smart Technology for Modern Day Home Security

Today ‘Smart technology’ which includes the Internet of Things (IoT) and If This Then That (IFTTT), is changing our world for the better. Because of this tech you are able to connect to multiple devices in your home. You can control them even when you’re away from home via your smart device. You can turn on the lights and heating, or draw the curtains before you get home. There’s an IoT device for each function. This helps with modern day home security by enabling you to give the impression that your home is occupied even in you absence.

Smart Modern Day Home Security

If you’ve ever managed to lock yourself out, or been locked out without a key, you know it’s frustrating. However, smart security can help you in such a situation. Smart door locks offering alternative methods of entry, include: key fobs, smart phone, key card scanning or remote unlocking via a dedicated app. Often smart locks will have support for a key-pad entry and a hidden keyhole should the smart lock fail. No more with having to struggle getting the key in the lock when you’ve got your hands full! One tap and you can unlock your door quickly and easily.

Smart Locks

Quality smart locks are easy to fit and feature tamper alarms. Should an intruder force your lock off the door, or bypass the security mechanism an alarm will be triggered. This will advise anyone nearby of a potential break-in. If you have support for emergency services, it will send an automatic notification to the designated department.

Home security apps allow you to control many aspects of your property’s security

One of the greatest benefits of smart home devices is their ability to communicate with each other. They allow you to set up a sequence of events on a trigger or timer depending on your location inside or outside your property. For instance, a smart lock in use with a smart door sensor and smart lights can be set up to detect when your connected smart device is within 2m. It can automatically unlock your front door and turn your lights on. All without you having to lift a finger.

Convenience for House-Sitters

When leaving your home unattended or with a housesitter, there may initially be some concern about your property and how secure it is. Many people feel this if their housesitter is unknown to them and present in their home for the first time.

You might have left your pet at home with housesitter because it takes many steps to move your pet with you. Further, you cannot leave your pet alone.  Smart locks allow you to retain some control over your front door. They provide the facility to open or lock the door remotely when required. You can also train your housesitter to use the security mechanisms effectively before you leave.

Homeowners Smart Tech

Using a keypad, you don’t even have to link a new smart device instead provide the Key Code to those who need entry. This is much easier than having to arrange for a spare key every time. It allows homeowners to set up a temporary code while they are away and change it on their return. In this way they can ensure  the housesitter only has access during the allotted assignment period. Alternatively, homeowners can provide a time-controlled user code for short-term access.

Security That Works for You

Your front door is your first defence as the main entrance to the property. Without proper security in place or an effective locking system, you can make your home a target to opportunistic thieves. Make sure any hardware you have is rated to British Standards where necessary, and ensure any accessories or new hardware doesn’t compromise the existing security, including installed door draught proofing, replaced or repaired door hinges and access hatches or post-boxes required for letters and parcels. If in doubt, have a registered lock-smith or security expert take a look over your home. It will give you peace of mind regarding your home to safeguard your family’s security.


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