Modern kitchen concepts – Achieve the look

19 Jul, 2022

Modern kitchen concepts – Achieve the look

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Many homeowners who redecorate their kitchen look for modern kitchen concepts and styles. But how exactly do you achieve that look without hiring a designer? Read on to learn the simple steps you can take to achieve that contemporary and sleek look.

Modern Kitchen Concepts

modern kitchen concepts
Ensure your kitchen has clean lines to deliver a contemporary look

The kitchen is the centre of the home, so it’s crucial to consider how to use it practically and functionally while also making sure it looks beautiful when designing your new kitchen space.

Functionality, personalisation, technology, resale and efficiency contribute to a modern kitchen design. Modern kitchens are far more functional than older designers, and they tend to feature appliances which simplify the tasks of life on the go.

Here, we’ll go over some modern kitchen concepts to give you some inspiration.

Select Fresh Lines for your modern kitchen concepts

No-handles cabinetry is the way to go if you want a simple, linear space. The absence of handles in relatively small kitchen spaces helps the space feel bigger. If you don’t want to go completely handle-less, you can add sleek bar handles to a row of traditional cabinets to give them a contemporary edge.

Gas cooker installations will also give your kitchen a smooth surface to look tidy and fashionable. Mix and match styles while combining flat-fronted wall cabinets for an extra touch of contemporary chic.

Stay tidy

Work surfaces that feel tidy and uncluttered are essential to modern design. Suppose you plan more storage with deep pan drawers and units to keep the small appliances and crockery. If you have the space, cabinets extending to the ceiling can conceal a lot of clutter.

We advise placing pan drawers by ovens and larders near prep areas. Keep in mind, for your kitchen to function effectively, you’ll want quick access to all these things once you need them.

Kitchen worktops

To be modern, your kitchen does not need to be minimalist and sterile with the newest appliances. Instead, consider incorporating practical elements that elevate the design of your cooking space if you want to create a modern kitchen.

The newest composite designs have expanded over the past few years to include the use of pure brilliant white to zingy orange. These are ideal for modern kitchens because the colour or pattern is consistent.

Modern cabinetry pairs beautifully with plain white worktops, but if you prefer something less clinical, you can opt for a bright colour or pattern as a focal point on a splashback.

Lighting in the kitchen

Cooking or serving food at the table requires proper kitchen lighting. There should be enough light when moving food between the stovetop, oven, and counter to avoid running into objects or missing a step. In addition, there should be overhead lighting over an island with seating if you have the space.

A dimmer switch makes it simple to create an ambience at the touch of a button. You can set the mood for any task in your kitchen with dimmer switches. When hosting guests, preparing dinner, watching television, or simply taking time to enjoy a cup of coffee, use a dimmer to set the right mood.

modern kitchen concepts
Good lighting and steel appliances create a contemporary look

Modern stainless steel appliances

Kitchens with sleek stainless-steel appliances, such as the AHD-SS BBQ Access Doors, have a striking edge. Although it might seem chilly when paired with an entirely white kitchen, incorporating stainless steel creates a sleek, upscale look, especially when paired with warm wood worktops or cabinets

Additionally, you can easily match it with your kitchen’s more functional components, like your faucets or range hoods. Additionally, stainless steel appliances are very accessible. These appliances are available almost anywhere that sell home goods and range in price.

home renovation plans
Every successful modern home renovation will have modern kitchen concepts to draw from 

Install a unique range hood

The focal point of your kitchen is usually made up of your stove and oven. Therefore, consider your stove and oven when choosing your range hood. Consider an crisp modern style when considering modern kitchen concepts for your kitchen design.

Consider having your range hood custom-made when remodelling your kitchen. This could give your kitchen a unique, authentic touch you won’t find anywhere else. You can also add a splash of colour or other designs to keep it contemporary.

This component of your kitchen balances your modern kitchen’s aesthetic and functional components. You can make a unique and lovely centrepiece by choosing a custom range hood over a store-bought one.

Play with window shapes

Making clever use of your windows is the simplest way and letting light into your kitchen. Although a window might seem like a fundamental kitchen design feature, windows also give your kitchen so much personality and can enhance styling elements.

Consider adding window arches when remodelling your kitchen. This will enable you to incorporate distinctive design elements into your kitchen.

bright red accessories can add a dash of colour to a kitchen
The kitchen is a high traffic room that needs to reflect the modern kitchen concepts you envisage through light and colour – achieve this in black and white

Modern kitchen concepts in summary

The use of a geometric kitchen combined with an arched window will create an asymmetric effect. Whether you choose modern subdued lighting, clean contemporary steel equipment for your kitchen space or a minimalist look, it all helps. These considerations all create a more contemporary look of the modern kitchen concepts.


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