Modern living upgrades – Your living space

30 Aug, 2022

Modern living upgrades – Your living space

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From time to time you need to look at your home décor with fresh eyes. Many homeowners refresh the look and feel of their home environment. Consider these modern living upgrades for your living space. It might inspire you!

Modern living upgrades – Your living space 

modern living upgrades
The living room is a great place to start your décor refresh with a few modern living upgrades

Design ideas for modern living upgrades

Your own home is one of the most important properties that you own. Not only is it a serious investment, but it is also a space where you find comfort after a long day at work. As such, it is important to keep it in tiptop shape and that you constantly improve it.

Many homeowners agree, as research shows that 48% of people in the UK spent £110.3 billion on home improvements. However, improving your home does not have to cost too much money. Using simple accessories is a good way to modernise your home and elevate its look.

Black and white

The black and white aesthetic will always stay in style, and studies show that this year, this colour combination has garnered a 32% increase in engagement in Instagram over the industry average.

Integrate this monochromatic trend into your home by using black frames for photos and hanging them against a white wall. You can also use zebra prints for throw pillows or use whites and blacks for pillowcases and duvets. This colour combination will give your home a touch of timeless elegance while also keeping it on trend.

A touch of greenery

Houseplants are still very much on trend, and for good reason. Attractive houseplants not only beautify your space, but they also give your well-being a boost. This year, more unique plants are also increasingly becoming the indoor greenery of choice.

For instance, Kalanchoe, a thick-leaved succulent, has had a 454% increase in searches. Meanwhile, searches for Bird of Paradise have also increased by 179%. As such, you can find luscious and colourful plants in your local markets and place them in monochromatic pots to give your space a touch of colour.

create an entertaining area surrounded by plants
Add a deck or convert a balcony into a green and social space as one of your modern living upgrades

That Retro 70’s style is in again!

We’re moving away from boxy shapes and furniture as this year is all about the curves and structural shapes of the 70s. This means having rounded furniture and adding pops of interesting colours, such as avocado green and traffic cone orange.

While these might seem a bit questionable at first glance, interior designers today assure that the dated aspects of the retro design are left in the past. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to follow this trend. Visiting thrift shops for odd retro knickknacks and using these as décor will go a long way.

1970s style furniture
Featuring select 1970s style furniture is so fashionable it counts as modern living upgrades

Popular patterns

Riding the nostalgia wave, patterns are also huge this year, particularly gingham and stripes. These specific patterns adds a touch of playfulness to an otherwise bland space and count as modern living upgrades as they refresh the look of your home.

Going for gingham

Design experts say that this season, gingham in pastel hues is going to be trendy for home décor.

modern living upgrades
Gingham offers an easy touch as part of your selection of modern living upgrades

What makes this good is that this style can be used in almost any type of décor, including rugs, cushions, tableware, and the like. Other prints and patterns popular this year are scallops and curves.

These patterns convey comfort and calm, and adding these to a décor scheme can make any living space feel more soothing.

Modern living upgrades – Your living space summary

You do not have to turn your home upside down and inside out just so you can give it an upgrade. Following these interior design trends is a good way to start. Not only are these simple, but they also require little effort.


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