Mom’s Top Tips for Finding a Good Pet HouseSitter

12 Feb, 2020

Mom’s Top Tips for Finding a Good Pet HouseSitter

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Whether you are planning a trip away from home or a moving to a new home you may need to find someone to look after your pets during that period of change.  The person in the family in our experience at HouseSitMatch who most often enjoys that task is the Mom of the family unit. While that’s not a given it is a pattern we have detected.

So if you need to find a good pet housesitter for whatever period ask a Mom. And of course you should check our housesitter listings first! Here are the top tips shared by all the Mom’s who responded to a short quiz recently. Read on to learn Mom’s top tips for finding a good pet housesitter.

Top Tips on How to Find a Good Pet Housesitter – Ask a Mom!

Having a pet can be very beneficial to your health, but during a move, having a furry friend around can become a challenge. Aside from deciding whether or not to hire the best interstate moving companies, you also have to consider the health of your pet throughout the entire move and determine how easily they might adapt to their new environment. 

Moving companies

Moreover, if you want to move with your pet with you you need to know the essential steps to preparing to move your pets. You need to find a good pet housesitter.

Consider Seka Moving if you are planning a move in New York and you need help. It is essential to find the right moving firm to help at such a stressful time. You have so much to think about with a house move. And it’s not just about moving the furniture but that is a big part.

Looking for an ideal petsitter

Depending on the assortment of pets you have you may be looking for a specific skill set.

Pet house sitter to the rescue

To make this transition even easier for you and your pet, consider sourcing or hiring a pet house sitter. These individuals work by solely looking after your pet inside your home while you continue to make the most out of life outside.

The services of a pet house sitter can be very beneficial as it doesn’t require your pet to travel from your house, reducing their stress and anxiety.

find a petsitter
Finding a pet housesitter tends to be a task for Mum’s in the household

After you found the best movers and successfully settled in your new house, make sure that you find a good pet house sitter by following these tips:

1. Join one of the best house sitting websites to check online listings 

The reason online networks like exist is to facilitate matches between home and pet owners and checked sitters who can help you care for your pets and property when you can’t.

These networks are easy to join you simply register online, create a profile and then create an advert which describes your dates for the assignment, your pets and what is required.

The network will then share your assignment advert with the registered sitters and then they apply. While this is not a fool proof way to find a sitter it can help you save a lot of money because largely these housesitting websites offer free housesitter if you can offer free accommodation. If that doesn’t work out then try the following top tips.

Join an online network offering wider search range than local resources

2. Ask The Local Vet if they know a good pet housesitter

If you just moved to a new area and you’ve tried a housesitting platform, and don’t have any friends yet, it’s best if you ask the local vet for references. A good pet housesitter will surely have a strong and positive reputation in the area, which means that the vets will likely know them.

It is likely that these sitters looking for housesitting jobs will expect payment for their time and services so plan for that.

Before leaving your pet at home alone, visit your vet and inquire if they can give you contact numbers of the best local professional pet housesitter. Make sure to inform the vet about any unique characteristics your pet might have so they can easily find a pet house sitter who matches.

Puppy sitter

If you have a puppy then your ideal pet sitter might be someone with experience of young pets.

Need someone to care for your pup while you’re busy or away?

 3. Ask Around the neighbourhood and friendship groups

Reaching out to your neighbours to make friends can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are new to the neighbourhood. Approaching your next-door neighbour without having any idea how to break the ice could leave a negative impression. So prepare some words and ask carefully.

Ask them if they know a good pet housesitter or petsitting services they can recommend nearby. Use this topic as a new neighbour conversation starter. This works better if your neighbours already have pets of their own or show signs of loving animals. Aside from knowing a good pet housesitter, initiating this conversation can also help you meet new friends locally.

A good pet housesitter will help your pets relax

 4. Compile Questions for the Sitter

It’s common for pet owners to be careful of the people they choose to stay with their pets. We all want a good pet housesitter. This is especially true if you currently have a kitten or a puppy. To ensure that you will only entrust your pets to worthy individuals, compile questions before hiring a pet housesitter.

Depending on your pet’s breed and age, you can ask potential pet house sitters about their experience in taking care of a pet similar to yours. You can also inquire if they have their pets and how they usually take care of pets. These questions can help you determine whether a particular pet house sitter is a perfect match for your pet.

good pet housesitter
Ensure you petsitter is checked, from a reputable source – check reviews

5. Double Check The Sitter Agreement or Contract

To ensure the legitimacy of any agreement between you and a good pet housesitter always prepare a collaborative assignment contract. If you join an established online housesitting network like HouseSitMatch then such legal template agreements should be available online for your use.

A contract also indicates the consequences or penalties whenever a party fails to meet their responsibilities. It is a guide for your good pet housesitter who might be housesitting for free rent. And it is a guide for you the pet and homeowner you is likely looking for free pet and home minding. The document helps to establish the ground rules. 

Having this document will make it easier for you to agree terms for the good pet housesitter. You can then determine their capability for pet care when they start to work with your pets.  

As a pet owner you want good pet care for your furry friend

6. Make Smart Investments – Join a network or hire a sitter

For pet lovers like you, your pet is more than just an animal. Your pets are your friends. They are your confidantes and family members to be cherished. This is why you would always prioritise their safety even if you’re not around to care for them yourself.  

How to find housesitters

If you join one of the best housesitting websites like HouseSitMatch as a Pet Homeowner you can post an advert as soon as you know the dates you’ll be away and try to find a free good pet housesitter for this assignment. Or by using alternative networks you may also be able to find a good professional pet housesitter.

Whether you join a network or find a good pet house sitter it is basically a great investment. This investment allows you to be productive without risking your pet’s safety, and keeps pets safe at home.

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