Moving house? Here are some top tips to make it easy

28 Feb, 2021

Moving house? Here are some top tips to make it easy

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Most of us have lived in different homes through the course of our lives. And we know that the process of moving house can be a challenge and actually rather stressful. The best way to move to a new home is to prepare yourself and your pets well ahead of time for the change of environment and of course the logistics involved. Here are some top tips for homeowners when moving between homes to help you plan and minimise the stress of this major life event.

Tips For A Household Move

Many people find moving a laborious and stressful task. Rightly so, moving could become overwhelming if you don’t create a plan and execute it effectively. That’s why working with reliable moving services on realizing your move is a great idea.

However, well before moving house if you plan and organize your tasks ahead of time, it’ll be easier for you. If you are among those who are planning for a household move or are in the process of it, then you are in the right place.

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moving house
Remember that each box will cost you money from a moving company

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How To Prepare Before Moving House

In this article, we will walk you through various steps that will make moving much easier for you. After reading it, you will get ideas on how to better plan and prepare for your household move. So, let’s get going!

Devise A Moving Plan 

Whether you are moving house within a city like Paris or looking for Movers NYC, planning is the most important step in the process of moving. It will help you create a well-thought-out schedule, allowing you to prioritize tasks properly while moving. Consequently, you will find yourself less flustered and stressed out.

When you begin, make sure you create a realistic plan for moving house. You could create a folder on your computer or get a notebook to keep a record of all the important things. 

Most importantly, create a timeline, dividing your moving plan into smaller segments. You may have a weekly schedule, setting achievable goals in a particular period. This way you would stay focused and keep things manageable. 

How To Develop A Checklist And A Timeline

You may feel confused about how to create a checklist and timeline with so many things happening around you. How to prioritize tasks? How do you begin to plan tasks in an organized manner? To sort things out, create a weekly plan. Choose your timeline since you know when you are moving and how much time you need for each task. 

Ideally, go for an eight-week timeline, dividing your tasks weekly. Get a binder or a notebook for your notes. For each week, establish a list of tasks you need to complete. Moving becomes less cumbersome when you plan it in weekly increments- eight weeks, six weeks, four weeks, two weeks, and so forth.

piles of photo albums and boxes of photo memorabilia
Prepare well ahead of time and go through all your things to decide what to keep and take with you

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Create A Budget for Moving House

Your moving budget should be in place before you begin moving. Create a budget file on your computer to keep a record of all your expenses. Or if you are not a tech person and want something portable, you may get an accountant’s record book. It will allow you to keep a track of all your expenses.

You must set up a budget if you want peace of mind and spend less while moving. Also, you could prioritize tasks easily and organize things in a much better way with a moving budget in place.   Asking prospective moving companies experienced in removals Cornwall is also a great way to gauge moving expenses as well.

Decide Whether You Need To Hire Movers

You could hire movers for packing and unpacking your household. Since you will already have so much going on, hiring a moving company could be a good option. If you’re on a budget, you may book affordable yet reliable movers with WhatManandVan. It has partner Man with Van companies in London and all across the UK making it easier for anyone to access relocation services and book without hassle.

You must decide on it before moving house. It depends on your budget whether you could consider hiring movers. 

You may hire professionals to pack, unpack, and set up your entire home if cost is not an issue. Movers will offer various options ranging from packing all of your stuff to packing a selected few.

Select the mover that best suits your needs as the home owner preparing to move. It will help you with moving house and save your time and energy. So, weigh up your options and decide whether you should hire movers.

Get The Packing Supplies

Before you start packing ahead of moving house, make sure you have all the necessary supplies to get started.  It includes tools and plastic moving boxes that will help you pack your items.

Further, the boxes you get must fit your belongings well or else it will make packing a difficult task for you. Therefore, make sure you get the right size and shape of the boxes as it plays an important part in packing your home.

Take Care With Fragile Items – Moving House is a Risk for Precious Object

This is a little tricky part. Packing fragile items may seem a little harder to pack. First, you must create a list of all the valuable and fragile items. This will allow you to keep a record of all your belongings in case of any damage occurring during moving. 

You may take help from a friend or someone who knows how to pack fragile items. It is better to pack them in plastic wrap before placing them in a box. 

For instance, wrap glasses with bubble wrap or packing paper and use scotch tape to secure them. Make sure to pack them individually to prevent damage. Similarly, you could pack other fragile items with plastic wrap or packing paper and keep them safe. 

Also, be mindful of labelling the boxes accurately. It will make unpacking and setting up your new home easy and quick.

Decide What You Need To Pack

Declutter and sort through your stuff before you start packing. It will save you time and money. It’ll reduce the packing time and materials, saving you money and effort.

However, you might have difficulty deciding which items to keep or lose. Start by checking your closets and focus on items of daily use. Go through your things and decide what you want to take with you. 

Plan packing room to room

Then, go through each room and create a list of items that you need to pack and items you no longer want  Bear in mind that each box you pack will cost you money if you have hired movers. And if you are packing it yourself, then make sure the boxes fit in the moving truck. 

Once you have sorted, get rid of the stuff you do not need. You could arrange a yard sale or garage sale before moving house. Donate the items that you are left with at the end of the sale.

A pile of packed personal possessions near the front door
Packing to moving home is usually done in stages with a final load of personal possessions ready for the final shift

Photo by Ryu Orn

Prepare your pets for the move

If you have pets to take with you, especially dogs, it is a good idea to prepare them. One way might be to walk the local parks. Find a few pathways that you can discover together before you move.

Your pets

Special consideration needs to be taken for your pet family. A step by step approach is best and thought for each kind of pet and how you will move them to their new location.

The pet nanny

If you have a number of pets and they will need specialist care, medication with specific routines to be maintained you could consider a pet nanny. There will be a cost, however, you may feel it necessary to ensure that your pets are well cared for during the short period of moving house, and a day or so after.

Dog minding

It might help if you organise dog minder for the day of your move and perhaps the day after. That way you can organise the move from one place to another without increasing the animal’s stress levels. It will be a challenge enough to help them get used to your new place and their new home.

Dachshund sitting in a moving box
Pets are a really important consideration with any move

Photo by Erda Estremera

Dog boarding

If there are no friends or family available and you are struggling to find a sitter you could consider dog boarding, at a kennels.

It can make the final moving out and into a new neighbourhood less stressful.

Cattery and cattery alternatives

Unless your cat is an indoor cat, it is harder to keep changing the home environment for a cat. So a cattery might be the answer for a day or two.

Rehoming a pet

In extreme cases, perhaps if you are moving overseas you may need to rehome your pet. You could start with friends and family, people who know and appreciate your pet. Then perhaps consider a wider circle and finally a rescue home that specialises in rehoming pets.

A final thought on moving house

So, keep these top tips in mind. And most importantly, start planning for moving house without stressing over it. Prepare yourself and the pets for your relocation. If you give each step sufficient thought and time then these top tips will make moving house that much easier.


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