Moving out of the family home? 5 Top Tips

2 Sep, 2021

Moving out of the family home? 5 Top Tips

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Whether you are a first time homeowner or you are moving out again, it is always worth considering next steps. In this article we offer the five top tips for when you are moving out of the family home. Make sure you think about these suggestions ahead of time especially if pets are involved in the move and you take them with you. They could help to make your move a smooth and enjoyable one.

Thinking of Moving Out? Here’s What You Should Know

moving out of the family home
If you are moving out, the keys to your new place feel exciting

Moving out is a big deal, and for many people, it can be difficult to find a place that suits them. It’s not going to be easy to find a home of your own, whether it be an apartment or a house – that perfect location can take a while to show up. When you’re making such a large investment, though, you should make sure it’s on something that you’re happy with. A lot can change about your living conditions once you’ve moved, and it can be for better or for worse – so make sure you know what you’re changing to.

1. Research the local amenities

One of the main things you want to look out for before you move is what you have around you. If you’re moving to a place out of town, it could make your life a little more inconvenient – which might not make it worth your while. Typically, being further away from the town and local attractions would mean the value of the property is lower – but is it worth it if you’re having to make long trips to reach all of the things that you’re interested in or places that you frequently visit. 

Moving all your things needs to be planned too. You could contact companies like Muval to get a quote and get moving!

If you have a pet and especially if you are a dog owner look for facilities you might need. Is there a dog groomer, perhaps a park or woods to walk in. Think of all the amenities that might help you. If you don’t find a dog sitter no matter, you can always use a petsitting and housesitting website like Housesit Match.

2. Build a budget – Getting the money together

If you’re looking to buy a house, it’s going to cost you a lot of money, but of course, you don’t need to get all of that money together yourself. You can take out a mortgage to help you pay for it, making it easier for you to hold onto the money yourself.

Paying for the building in full would just set you back financially, and you’ll find that you’re much better off going with a financing option. Not only that, but you’ll be able to find the money to pay for a mortgage much easier than you would if you wanted to pay in a bigger sum; so overall when you’re looking to move out, you should look into what mortgages are right for you.

moving out of the family home
Walk the local paths with your dog if you can before moving

3. Prepare your pets for the move

If you have pets to take with you, especially dogs, it is a good idea to prepare them. One way might be to walk the local parks. Find a few pathways that you can discover together before you move.

Your pets

Special consideration needs to be taken for your pet family. A step by step approach is best and thought for each kind of pet and how you will move them to their new location.

The pet nanny

If you have a number of pets and they will need specialist care, medication with specific routines to be maintained you could consider a pet nanny. There will be a cost, however, you may feel it necessary to ensure that your pets are well cared for during the short period of moving and a day or so after.

Dog minding

It might help if you organise dog minder for the day of your move and perhaps the day after. That way you can organise the move from one place to another without increasing the animal’s stress levels. It will be a challenge enough to help them get used to your new place and their new home.

Dog boarding

If there are no friends or family available and you are struggling to find a sitter you could consider dog boarding, at a kennels.

It can make the final moving out and into a new neighbourhood less stressful.

Cattery and cattery alternatives

Unless your cat is an indoor cat, it is harder to keep changing the home environment for a cat. So a cattery might be the answer for a day or two.

Rehoming a pet

In extreme cases, perhaps if you are moving overseas you may need to rehome your pet. You could start with friends and family, people who know and appreciate your pet. Then perhaps consider a wider circle and finally a rescue home that specialises in rehoming pets.

4. Manage the expected and unexpected costs of moving out

Moving out is more than just the cost of the property itself, you have to consider how much it’s going to cost to move all of your belongings, and replace the things that you’re used to having.

Will you have all of the cooking equipment that you need? Will you have the appliances that you’re used to using? Those items are expensive, and some things you just can’t live without.

While it might not be much compared to the price of the property, it’s still going to be a lot of money to handle; especially if it’s a surprise expense.

5. Meet your new neighbours – Get off on the right foot if possible

In an ideal world, everyone would be able to get along just fine, and your neighbours would never even have to be considered when you’re moving to a new home.

However, that’s not always going to be the case. Sometimes neighbours disagree on things, and if you’re moving somewhere with neighbours that you find disagreeable yourself – it could prove to make home living quite stressful.

Even if they’re a total stranger, that can still become difficult when you find yourself living next to them for the next few years.


Final thoughts on moving out of the family home

Make a plan and save the money you think you will need. Making the right move is about being ready for when that opportunity to move to a great new place presents itself. Make sure you have saved enough money to make the move comfortable and you can move to a good neighbourhood. Research your new location to ensure it has all the amenities you need nearby. And to try and make the move as smooth as possible meet the neighbours so you both know what to expect. And if you have pets with you, especially dogs, check out the local parks. You’ll be needing to walk your dog on a regular basis once you’ve moved to your new home.



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