Moving overseas – 7 Point checklist

5 Aug, 2021

Moving overseas – 7 Point checklist

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If you are moving overseas make sure your emigration goes smoothly. If you are a homeowner and need to prepare read this 7 point checklist to ensure a smooth move. There are so many things to consider with a big move, especially overseas we have drawn up a list of top 7 tips to help.

Ensure Your Move Overseas Goes Smoothly With This 7-Point Checklist

moving overseas
If moving overseas to the USA prepare all the correct documentation

So… you have made the decision to plant new roots and relocate you and your family to pastures new! That’s right, by moving overseas you are about to begin the next chapter of your life. For example building a new life in the USA you are starting a brand new adventure! You’re ditching a familiar landscape, setting out to embark on a new start perhaps in America!

Maybe you have made the decision to up sticks because of a great job opportunity that awaits you there or it could be that you wish to throw all caution to the wind and bask in the glory of your retirement in a totally different climate. Either way, your mind’s made up and you are ready to start the ball rolling with your plans for the big move. Watch out US, here I come!

The choice to move abroad

Making the choice to move to a completely different part of the globe is without a doubt, one of the biggest and most difficult decisions a person may ever have to make. After all, when moving overseas you are leaving the only world you know behind and realistically relocating to unfamiliar territory.

It is a known fact that moving, whether it be to somewhere nearby or a totally different country is one of the most stressful experiences in life a person may undertake and it really is no wonder why!

You are choosing to leave the place you have called “home” for so many years and embark on great change, not to mention all the measures that need to be put in place to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible! Yes, moving certainly can be a bit of a headache, to say the least!

Your 7 point checklist for moving overseas

The work that needs to go into moving can be extremely overwhelming and feel like an endless task. However, if you do it right and make sure to cover every corner, moving can turn from a complete nightmare into a simpler, less daunting experience. Here is a 7-point checklist to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible that will surely help you manage your move overseas.

  • Be Equipped With the Relevant Documents

The very first step in ensuring your move goes smoothly is to make sure you are well-equipped. You need all the relevant documents to enter your chosen country. Now, every country is different when it comes to the entry and residency documentation needed. the right documentation is essential to cross the border and enter the country.

The documents required will include passports, birth certificates, visas, driving licenses, and medical records amongst many more. It is a good idea to have these important documents close to hand at all times when making the big move. And  ensure they remain in safe hands and do not get lost throughout!

  • Ensure You Apply for the Right VISA

The next step in the process is to obtain a visa and have those all-important documents you will need in order. However, make sure to apply for the right one by doing your homework to get familiar with all the visa options. This will provide you with the knowledge of just which visa concerns you so that you make no mistake and actually apply for the correct one.

  • Make Sure to Notify Relevant Parties/Tie Up Any Loose Ends

It is incredibly important to inform the relevant parties before actually moving overseas. Make sure to notify anyone who needs to know about your relocation such as your bank, any utility or insurance providers, landlords, employers, and of course, any friends and relatives.

Also, make sure to tie up any loose ends by cancelling any current subscriptions, inapplicable insurance policies, redirect your mail, and take care of any matters that may be outstanding at home.

  • Research Companies That Specialize in International Moves

It is incredibly important when planning your big move that you enlist the help of a reputable moving company. Look to hire a firm that specializes in international removals to the USA from the UK and that holds the relevant experience when it comes to the entire moving process. Also, make sure they are aware of the regulations that surround the country where you intend on relocating.

moving overseas
Research to find a good international removals company is essential when moving overseas

It is a smart idea to do your homework. Make sure the firm you intend to hire has a great reputation. Check reviews to see that they are considered both reliable and trustworthy. Make sure your chosen removal firm holds the correct licenses. Find out the team who will actually be moving your precious possessions.

Getting to know just how and who will be moving your property is essential. You do not want to hire a company that has a history of theft or the damaging of goods.

  • Ensure to Purchase Travel Insurance

Now, it doesn’t matter if you have meticulously planned your big move or not. The reality is, things can easily go wrong. For instance, you could find yourself facing many obstacles such as lost luggage, an entry date setback, or you could even fall ill.

You don’t need any of these unplanned eventualities. In all honesty, these challenges could have you splashing out a significant amount of cash! That’s why it is essential that you purchase travel insurance before setting out to move overseas, to save you from incurring any added costs you simply cannot afford! 

  • Order Your Moving Supplies and Begin to Pack Up for Your Big Move

With everything else on your list taken care of, now access those moving supplies. Begin packing up to begin your new life. Make sure to order plenty of bubble wrap, sticky tape, and a whole lot of boxes. You will surely need them. It is best to gather your moving gear in advance. Give yourself plenty of time to pack up your cherished belongings. 

  • Contact Your Chosen Moving Firm

It is important to contact your chosen moving firm well in good time before the date you intend on relocating. Make sure your appointment is set in stone by confirming at least two weeks in advance. Contact your moving coordinator to research all details regarding your move to ensure all key steps are firmly in place. 

Moving overseas and your Pets

Finding petsitters ahead of moving overseas

dogsitters near me
Finding dogsitters ahead of your trip is helpful to give you peace of mind

If you are preparing to move abroad you will likely have to take a preparatory trip to scout out your new living accommodation and make logistical plans. You may need to find petsitters ahead of your scouting trip.  Consider a housesitting and petsitting network like Housesitmatch. Join as a homeowner and petowner and post your advert to find petsitters.

Pet transportation services

There are a number of specialists in pet transportation, overland and overseas. Depending on the pets you will bring with you and the distances you may want to secure a few quotations before embarking on the journey. Check the reputation of each firm before making a decision.

Dog minding

It might help if you organise dog minder fort he day of your move and perhaps the day after. That way you can organise the move from one place to another without increasing the animal’s stress levels. It will be a challenge enough to help them get used to your new place and their new home.

Dog boarding

If there are no friends or family available and you are struggling to find a sitter you could consider dog boarding, at a kennels.  It can make the final moving out and into a new neighbourhood less stressful. Then when you are ready you can organise pet transportation for them.

Cattery and cattery alternatives

Unless your cat is an indoor cat, it is harder to keep changing the home environment for a cat. Your ideal cattery alternative might be the home of friends or family for a short period. Or failing that a cattery might be the answer for a day or two until the disruption at home is finished. Then you can organise pet transportation.

Rehoming a pet when moving overseas

In extreme cases, perhaps if you are moving overseas you may need to rehome your pet. You could start with friends and family, people who know and appreciate your pet. Then perhaps consider a wider circle and finally a rescue home that specialises in rehoming pets.

A final note on moving overseas

So there you have it guys! Make sure to follow the 7-point checklist outlined above to ensure that when moving overseas goes your transition goes as smoothly as possible. By doing so you will be ensuring everything is in order before embarking on your big move!



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