Natural bathroom design – A guide

28 Mar, 2023

Natural bathroom design – A guide

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There comes a time for every homeowner when the bathroom absolutely has to have a refresh. Are you near that time how in your home? Well read on to learn how to choose a natural bathroom design, with our guide.

Choosing a natural bathroom design: The guide

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Create a lovely atmosphere in the bathroom

The way in which natural design always comes back into fashion is a beautiful thing. As much as we often associate the march toward modernity with sleek, uniform tiles and the cleanest of clean aesthetics, there’s something about the uneven, slightly wild side of a natural bathroom that always calls us back.

That’s not to say that the trends in natural bathroom design don’t change. While dark woods and vibrant warm tones tended to be the go-to for beautifully-styled 1970s lavatories, the natural bathroom designs of today are softer toned, with sandstone and softer palettes bringing in some of the minimalist-chic we’ve come to expect from modern bathroom decor.

So, what can you do to embrace nature with your own bathroom, and what separates the drab from the fab when it comes to crafting that perfect look?

What natural look defines modern bathroom design?

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Light and space can help to create your style

As we touched on earlier, the natural bathroom has developed somewhat of an aesthetic association. However, beyond what it looks like, the idea of naturalistic design comes down to the type of materials used.

Rather than more refined textures, a more natural bathroom design opts for the raw materials. Granite, stone-look tiles, marble, sandstone; the makeup of a truly natural-feeling bathroom is more cave-like than contemporary.

What colours are associated with natural bathroom designs?

As you would likely expect from the previous points, a naturally-styled bathroom is one that does away with the traditional monochrome. Rather, it emphasises earthier tones, often favouring a sandier, more washed-out look to best make use of the light in the room, which we will touch on next.

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As for decor, however, that can be a very mixed bag depending on the feeling that one is attempting to evoke with their work. Some will opt for a sense of brutalism, with rigid shapes in the form of sculptures or installations.

Meanwhile, others may focus more on the greener side with plants, vases and floral works to offset the hardness of the stone. What’s most important in these decisions is the type of overall style you’re looking to evoke. For example, darker stones such as granite should be emphasised with plants that require less sunlight, leading to a more natural-feeling ecosystem.

The role of light in the bathroom

If you’re someone who adores the feeling of sunlight on their skin, then a natural bathroom is going to work perfectly with that. The design style thrives on natural light, and if you’re planning a bright, beautiful stone area, it’s important that you allow for the most natural light possible to really achieve the full effect.

Sunlight is the finishing touch on any beautifully natural bathroom, as it is with nature itself. So, if you want to go the whole nine yards, it’s time to start clearing away your windowsill.

Consider the wonder of wood

As we touched on in the introduction, the 1970s went through a bit of a trend when it came to those natural textures. However, rather than going for just stone, there was a considerable amount of natural wood that went into the mix too.

If you’re considering a renovation, whilst we’re not suggesting full wood panelling, we may suggest incorporating some dark wood grains into your final designs. From countertops to trims, wood can add a little bit of rustic luxury to a room, and spice up the stone style with a touch of variety without doing away with the natural theme.

Final thoughts on choosing a natural bathroom design

There are so many reasons that the natural bathroom design trend keeps coming back into style, and there are almost no home designs that it doesn’t slot fantastically into. So, why wait? Try it out with your own home, get creative with nature, and see what your home is capable of becoming with a little bit of natural energy.


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