Need a new AC unit? Your check list

20 Aug, 2021

Need a new AC unit? Your check list

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If you live in a warm climate you’ll be ahead of us here. The AC Unit will be a priority for you. If your get seasonal warm weather then as a homeowner you will have to adapt your home with each change. Checking the AC can be hit or miss. Here is a great check list to help you understand if you need a new AC unit.

Five Reasons to verify that you need a new AC Unit at home

new ac unit
Keep temperatures cool for a comfortable home environment

Have you noticed your home is starting to feel humid? It may be time to get a new AC unit. No one likes a hot and muggy house, and you want friends and family to enjoy your house and feel comfortable. An AC unit is all you need to create a cool and welcoming environment.

However, this isn’t the only reason to make the change. Here are five other reasons you should consider investing in a new AC unit.

1. More Energy Efficient

People are turning to brand-new Energy Star AC units that do not require as much energy to work. However, this trend is widespread, as even apartment high-rises are upgrading their building HVAC systems with completely new units or small enhancements like fan coil replacements as a means to save energy.

These motors, valves, and electronic pieces are designed to work faster and make your air cooler while using less energy, which is kinder to the environment. If you decide to upgrade, you can expect a better working unit, decreased carbon footprint, and even lower energy bills.

 2. No Costly Repairs

If your AC unit is currently over 10 years old, that is a sign the aging process has begun. After a decade of having an AC unit, you may have to fix broken or damaged parts constantly, and the cost of parts and a repairman’s time will start to add up.

Older units are unpredictable and can break down when you least expect it. By purchasing a new AC unit, you do not have to worry about your cold air suddenly disappearing during a hot summer’s day. Your parts will be brand new and designed to last a decade without major breakdowns.

3. Indoor Humidity is Lower

If you notice your home is warm and humid, your AC unit may be slowly failing you. AC units not only cool down your home but also control the moisture in the air. An old AC unit can cause a build-up of humidity and moisture without properly circulating the air.

Too much moisture in the air can also cause mold and related health issues, which are most damaging to people with asthma or people prone to allergies. Thankfully, you can avoid mold and health risks with a brand new AC unit.

4. No Water Leakage

Older AC units that produce high humidity can cause leakage. This can be due to a refrigerant leak or excess moisture. If the liquid is due to a refrigerant leak, this can become dangerous if it evaporates and becomes a gas.

Luckily, the leak is most likely a non-dangerous situation because water can easily drip from a disconnected or clogged line. However, with a new unit, you never have to worry about dealing with constant drips again.

5. Fewer Maintenance Calls

If you have an older AC unit that constantly breaks down, you know that you have to get your unit fixed fast, or else you’ll be suffering through unbearable temperatures. That means having a maintenance company on speed dial and hoping they’ll arrive quickly to fix your unit.

Avoid this stress altogether with a new unit. You’ll only need to give a local repair service a call for an annual inspection and tune up.

Your new AC Unit – Confirmed

Does fresh, cool air for your home sound too enticing to resist? Come back home after a hot, sunny day to a humid home is an experience nobody deserves. Take control as the homeowner.

A new unit will make your home space feel comfortable and relaxing. Feel better with restful sleep, knowing the cool air will stick through the night when you make this simple upgrade.



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