Need an HVAC contractor? 4 Questions to ask

6 Nov, 2021

Need an HVAC contractor? 4 Questions to ask

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More and more people are installing HVAC systems in their homes. And as every homeowner knows every new systems needs maintenance. It is important to prepare before you really need an HVAC contractor in a crisis. Here are four questions you can ask before committing to your new contractor, to get the best value for money.

Need an HVAC contractor?

Four questions to ask before you hire your contractor

need an HVAC contractor
Maintenance is essential for most HVAC systems

Imagine you’re looking to replace your old HVAC system with a new, more reliable one. Or perhaps it’s time to perform a system check-up, and you need to schedule a maintenance visit. The problem is, you’re no expert. How do you know who to hire? 

It sounds like you need an HVAC contractor. Finding a professional and trustworthy technician can be pretty tricky. Some companies lure you with promises of low prices and faster turnaround. Since you’re likely calling because something is wrong, you may forget to verify such claims and go with the person who is available. You wouldn’t want to compromise your unit’s lifespan because you rushed, so it’s crucial to know what to ask before putting pen to paper.

Here are four questions you should ask before hiring an HVAC contractor:

Are you licensed and insured?

While working on an HVAC system, a lot can go wrong. So even though you know that you need an HVAC contractor, take a moment to ask these key questions. Handling installation work or repairs of such units requires high levels of expertise. Luckily, almost every state requires technicians to be licensed. As such, you can confirm the contractor’s expertise by looking up their license online or having them produce a copy before they begin any work in your home. 

At the same time, ensure every technician working on your system is insured. As noted by experts at, technicians need to be certified and have both worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Ascertain all the documentation beforehand, just in case of any unexpected occurrences.

How long will the installation or maintenance take?

Many people forget to ask this question and are caught by surprise when the process begins to take longer than you expected. As a homeowner, you may need to take time off of work to supervise the installation or repair. As such, poor time approximation can be detrimental. Ask the contractor about the expected timeframes before work begins.

An installation can take anywhere from a few hours to an entire work day or more, depending on your home or office’s infrastructure and the type of HVAC system. Maintenance often only requires an hour or two, provided there are no major problems that need addressing. Keep tabs on what work will be done to avoid disturbances or inaccurate timeline estimates.

Do you have an HVAC maintenance program?

Heating or cooling problems can happen at any time and regular tune-ups are a must to avoid major problems, and to help your system run efficiently. On top of that, they can drastically help reduce your energy consumption. Given that most unit warranties require annual equipment maintenance to remain in effect, you should choose a contractor offering a maintenance program.

need an HVAC contractor
Make sure you have asked all the right questions before the contractor starts work


You can enjoy perks like preferential emergency service and even 24-hour servicing for some contractors with these loyalty programs. Additionally, good contractors will give you notice when your annual maintenance is required, to avoid invalidating your warranty. With such a contractor, you can relax knowing your unit is in safe hands.

How do your refund and warranty guarantees work?

HVAC companies should be confident in their work so much that they offer warranties if your system is past its original warranty. A refusal to offer such a guarantee raises a question about their expertise and the longevity of their work. The warranties don’t necessarily need to last for years, but you should enjoy some coverage for a reasonable length of time after they work on your unit.

At the same time, it’s advisable to ask how their refund system works. Anything can happen. As such, hire an HVAC contractor that is entirely open on all of their policies to help save you more expenses down the road. Should they not offer refunds when their repairs fail, they should at least work to find a fair solution.

Prepare when you need an HVAC contractor – Get value for money

Before hiring a contractor, it’s essential to interview them beforehand. It gives you a chance to know who you’ll be working with, verify their credentials, and test their expertise by asking the right questions. Don’t forget to check online reviews as well – you need to be completely confident in the contractor’s abilities to get you real value for your money.



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