Need to repair a pool deck? Here’s how

26 Jul, 2021

Need to repair a pool deck? Here’s how

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If you are a homeowner with a pool, you may have a pool maintenance service. Or you may not have had to worry about such things before if the pool is a new feature in your home.  One way or another if you need to repair a pool deck and you’re a novice, read on. Here are some top tips to help you take confidence.

How to repair pool a deck: Tips for the novice

repair a pool deck
A pool is a wonderful feature in the home

Repairing the pool decks is one of the things you might want to accomplish for the summer. And the lingering question for you is, “How do you repair a pool deck?”

Now that you are wondering how to go about the minor cracks and other flaws that seem to surface on your pool decks let today’s post be your guide to your concrete decking repairs.

How do I fix a crack in my pool deck? 

You can browse many online sources today, and it will give you tons of results on how to DIY pool deck resurfacing.

If you are a novice to concrete pool deck repair, do not worry and read the following lists first.

See if you have the necessary tools and if you can slowly introduce your way to repairing cracks on the pool deck yourself. But if things get so complex for you, expert pool installers are always ready to help you. You may find one near you.

With this, to help you look for top-notch pool services, UV Pools in Winnipeg has got you covered with their innovative UV disinfection technology and repairs to ensure your pool is safe and crystal clear all season long.

But first, find out the common reasons why the concrete around the swimming pool form cracks.

Why is my pool deck cracking?

When cracks appear, there are two common causes that you have to identify initially. One is man-made causes, and the next one is natural disasters. Each specific condition is explained next:

  • Soil beneath moves
  • Temperature and climate changes
  • Inconsistent concrete mix
  • Faulty slab reinforcements

Natural Causes of Concrete Cracks

Cracks due to ground movement.

Ground movement is a more typical cause of why concrete pool decks crack. It is not something that man had made and is often more challenging to provide aid in its initial stages.

How to fix the cracks.

Often it is not so apparent that the soil moves under our feet. While it happens naturally, the concrete slab installer must know that such an incident occurs.

What an expert installer does is build gaps underneath the slabs to allow the foundation to move. If the previous installers overlooked that step, the fix is to perform crack filling or mud jacking when the cracks grew and the slabs begin to sink.  In Texas, shrink-swell clay soils may cause more foundational issues than anywhere else in the United States. So if you reside there, hiring a professional mudjacking Houston contractor to repair the pool deck is the best option for you.

Change of temperature.

Another natural cause of soil moving and thus breaking the concrete above is contraction and expansion. When the climate heats up, the ground expands. Then when the season begins to cool, the ground shrinks a few inches.

How to fix the cracks.

The fixes with concrete damages due to soil expansion are the same as those caused by soil movement. Fill the gaps with concrete filler and make an “inverted-V” shape on the crack to widen the base for the new filler to adhere.

Man-Made Causes of Concrete Cracks

Concrete cracks due to inconsistent concrete mix.

Sometimes DIY may cause inconsistent results. One of these outcomes is faulty concrete that is prone to crack.

How to fix the cracks.

When the concrete mix is too thick or too thin, it becomes brittle, and there is no point in reversing that. To aid in this problem, a stamped overlay is created. It does not have to bother you to throw away the damaged slabs. To make the existing concrete stronger, pouring a lovely on it will suffice. It’s quick, practical, and cost-efficient.

Although you have often heard how durable concrete is, you still need to observe precautions and allot constant care to keep the flooring in good shape. You need to watch out for developing cracks around the pools, of course. The main villain of concrete is the water element. And if the slabs are poorly prepared, the damage may appear early on.

This is the reason why concrete pools need experts to build them. While one can DIY things, concrete decking must come from those who got years of skill.

DIY vs. Professional Installers

It needs precision to install well-built pool deckings out from the ground. The concrete must have the right consistency and thickness to remain tough under any weather.

 A final note on how to repair a pool deck

Lastly, if you are not sure if you can finish your DIY repair on time, better ask for help from the experts to help you repair a pool deck.



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