New baby home essentials for coming home

2 Jan, 2022

New baby home essentials for coming home

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When you are brining home a new baby you need to have some preparations in place. Especially if you are a new homeowner and this is your first baby, consider these new baby home essentials.  Ahead of bringing baby home do some research, prepare your home and enjoy the preparations.

6 New baby home essentials you will need 

A crib is one of the vital baby home essentials
A crib is one of the vital baby home essentials

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A life-changing event in the life of every young couple is becoming parents. It is a major life event like buying a new home. Though babies are a true blessing from the heavens, the task can be enormously challenging and demanding, especially with the firstborn.

Luckily for us, we live in a time where most of the essentials needed for better management are in the palm of our hands. The only question remains, what to pick and what not to, as many items are just taking up a lot of space while others can save the day. 

Prepare your home nursery

Baby needs a room. While they can start out in your bedroom they will eventually need a space of their own. a nursery room is an ideal place for baby to sleep, to keep their changing equipment, feeding equipment and baby’s toys. As the child grows older the baby clothes, the toys and equipment will only increase so a dedicated nursery room is ideal.

Babies eat a lot

With this said, we should know that crucial items are diapers and feeding bottles. These little creatures are quite demanding and need continuous care. As they constantly grow, their appetite grows with them, and so does what they leave behind. A simple yet crucial, essential piece of advice is always having one or more feeding bottles prepared.

Sterilizing materials

Feeding bottles are safe for babies, studies have shown. They are made of sterilized materials, yet nevertheless often washing them is a must. Thankfully we live in the 21st century, for in the past most of the bottles were made of toxic materials, especially the rubber part on top. 

A burp cloth goes hand in hand with a feeding bottle as it catches any extract left after the baby burps, and they do a lot. Diapers, without even mentioning them, are of the most useful things on the list, and as you can imagine, the more they eat, the more diapers you need. Include them in your baby home essentials kit.

As they grow, later, you’ll need pacifiers and teethers which helps them ease the pain of growing teeth. 

You’ll have to carry baby with you 

Babies are fragile little creatures, always in need of care. Therefore, there will be times when you cannot leave it alone, not even for a second, meaning you’ll have to carry it with you no matter where you go. This also means all the baby home essentials must go with you, and for that purpose, there is a little thing called a stroller. It is a necessity as it allows you to have everything you need at your side.

A piece of advice, try organizing your stroller with the most frequently used baby home essentials at the front, like diapers and feeding bottles, this should be in your reach. Followed by wet wipes, baby food, and clothes for the baby, everything should be tucked nicely inside.

Nowadays, strollers come with some modifications, allowing you to interlock them with your baby carriage, or just carry it over your shoulder as any regular bag. Always bring some clothes for when you need to change the baby and some snacks for you as well. 

toys are baby home essentials
Baby needs entertainment toys at ever stage. They definitely count as baby home essentials.

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Keep an eye out 

With time, you’ll learn to separate yourself from the little one, maybe even letting it sleep in its own room or nursery. However, always have a baby monitor as it will keep you alert at all times if anything happens to the baby. Baby monitors are audio visual today and can help you learn immediately baby is ready to be fed, changed so simply visited. 


A baby needs a cradle. You can go for a bassinet if that is what you prefer and bassinets are encouraged at a young age and are considered important among newborn baby essentials, while the baby still sleeps in the same room as the parents. That way, the baby will be within easy reach. Bassinets are only for a short period, however, so getting a cradle is much better for the next stage of development.

Look for safety, first, the material and the way it is built. You can go for an old-fashioned wooden one or the newer plastic ones. Also, make sure there are options to add accessories. It is also great as you can imitate the swinging motion, which helps the baby go faster to sleep. No worries, though, nowadays, there are even noise machines to help the baby sleep. 

Changing pads and station

We spoke of diapers, and also of the possibility to carry a disposable nappy, and baby wipe or two with you just in case of an emergency diaper change. A changing pad is absolutely one of the new baby home essentials.

Consider getting a nice changing pad and diaper desk or changing station. Babies are wriggly and always move especially when being changed. Placing them on a changing pad makes it easier to change the diaper.  Many mothers consider it key among the baby home essentials. 

Think of yourself

A happy mommy is a good mommy. It can be exhausting and difficult to care for a new baby, especially as your body goes through certain changes. There are the baby home essentials you should have just in case. For example, bra pads for unplanned leakage, and nursing bras for when you have to breastfeed in public or in the car.

Also, a breast milk pump can save you a lot of time. Furthermore, this is one of those special occasions where you can wear comfortable and oversized clothes, so enjoy it. In selecting the right breast pump to use, choose the one that can make a significant difference in your breastfeeding experience and offers convenience and ease during your nursing journey.

For instance, a comprehensive comparison of popular models like the Spectra S1 and S2 highlights their unique features and efficiencies, helping new mothers make an informed decision that best suits their needs.

A final word on baby home essentials

All the baby home essentials mentioned are a part of becoming a parent. The things we didn’t list are sleepless nights, going to the doctors quite often for check-ups, and spending a great amount of money just for the baby’s happiness. The beautiful part is, all this seems like a lot of trouble, but it is far from it, as the joy surpasses the inconveniences.


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