What you should know about being a cat owner

3 Apr, 2020

What you should know about being a cat owner

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Caring for your cat includes giving them attention. If you have recently become a new pet owner by bringing a cat or kitten home with you, you’ll be entering a whole new world of adventure into a new world of cat-centred toys, games and activities. To ensure the optimal health of your pet read on to gain the benefit of these top tips from our blog which in particular might interest tips for firsttime cat owners.

New cat owner – What you need to know

Photo by Yerlin Matu

Having a cat at home is one of the best things you can have if you are fond of cats. They are usually low-maintenance and quiet pets. Even though this is the case, having a cat also entails a lot of responsibility and knowing the essentials of how to keep one. You have to be sure that your cat is happy, well-groomed, and well-fed.

For those who are expecting new kittens you can find out their due date with this feline pregnancy calculator. This will give you time to plan for being an owner of multiple new kittens

You Can Train Your Cat

This is not known by many people, but you can actually train your cat to do some basic things. Although it is not as common as training dogs to perform tricks, cats can also be taught some basic and useful tricks in order for them to become better pets. Finding a school for cats that can teach them to perform is not a common thing, but you can do it yourself given time, patience, and dedication.

First step is to train your cat to use the litter tray.

cat eating from special feeding dish
Train your cat to eat from their plate and to use their litter tray

Photo by Sergio Arteaga

And believe it or not by giving commands and appropriate rewards as the cat owner, you can also train your cat to use the toilet. This way you don’t have to buy litter and you enjoy a cleaner home. This process is long, but when you become consistent, your cat will eventually learn to do the basics.

Your Cat Cannot and Should Not Eat Human Food

As a new pet owner you may not know this. Cats should not be eating human food, especially those with strong taste including spicy and sweets. Occasionally, cats would like to explore the kitchen and run away with your food if you have fish or meat and that would be okay. Feeding them fish bones is actually not right, even when it is what you see in cartoons and comics.

housesitting in retirement
A good cat sitter is one who knows about cats; it’s very reassuring for the cat owner

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Consider the cat diet

Cat diet should contain all the essential food so they are healthy. Cat health can also be seen on their fur. If they have shiny hair, then it means they are doing well and are healthy. As much as possible, prior to getting yourself a cat for the first time, research on the Best Cat Info so you can prepare better.

Stack on some cat food, whether canned ones or pellets. The most important thing is you choose a brand that is packed with nutrients and minerals they need.

Yes, You Can Actually Bathe a Cat

Cats lick themselves all the time, as every cat owner knows. And this is how they are grooming themselves. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not actually a cat’s hair that makes people allergic, but their saliva. The saliva retained on their fur when they groom themselves causes more issues.

Bathing your cat from time to time can lessen this so your friends who are allergic can still pet your cat. This is especially true in the summer here when the temperature is uncomfortable even to pets. It may be more challenging to do this, but if your cat is used to taking a bath then it gets better in time.

Every cat owner needs to find a cat sitter

Find the best cat sitter – One knowledgeable about cats

An experienced cat sitter should know how cats are different from other animals and can recognize when things with cats are okay and when something might be wrong. But before advertising for a cat sitter consider your cat personalities and their needs. This knowledge usually comes from working with and watching cats for a long time.

A cat sitter who knows about cats can pick up on things like this. If I had to pick between two friends to care for my cats, I would choose the one who knows and cares the most about cats. It is the same when you come to choosing a cat sitter. Choose one with experience.

Check your cat sitter for their reputation and reviews

Review their references when you can hire a good expert cat sitter. Find out what professional groups they belong to. Are they part of an organization? Are they friends? Insured? Are their clients happy with them? See what you might find out! Check out comfortedkitty.com to learn more about what it takes to be a professional pet sitter.

find the best catsitter
Join a housesitting and pet sitting platform to find the best cat sitter for you and your pets

Photo by Lamia Walker

A final word on how to find the best cat sitter

Lastly, if you ask a friend for help, think about what you can do for them in return! Offer to view their pets when they leave or bring them a gift from your travels. Finding a good cat sitter is worth a lot for every cat owner. What are your thoughts on catsitters, whether they are professionals or not? What should a cat sitter have?

What worries you when you go somewhere? You can find the best cat sitter following these questions.

Before you commission your next local catsitters, think about all your options. As a petowner you have many costs to cope with and decisions to make. There may be some alternatives that are more affordable and work better for you and your cats.


Final thoughts on what you need to know as a cat owner

Being a cat owner and owning a cat is a responsibility to make your little feline adore you, as much as they adore themselves. You can get a lot of peaceful energy from petting a cat because of how calm they are most times. If you want to become a cat owner, you should know the responsibilities of being one.

You should also know more about the different cat breeds you can take care of if you’re planning to become a cat owner! For more information, you can start reading about Siberian cats.


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