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New dog owner? Here’s how to care for your furry friend

3 Apr, 2020

New dog owner? Here’s how to care for your furry friend

When you finally find your new dog and you become a new pet owner the responsibility of caring for your animal can be a challenge at first.  Here is a blog that takes you through a step by step of what to do to prepare and how to care for your new dog.

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Now that you’ve decided to be responsible for the well-being of another life, you’ll realize that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. You’ll mess it up and your little furry companion will bring about drastic changes in your life. A lot of them are neither pleasant nor convenient. But once you’ll get the hang of it and develop your own routine, you won’t remember how you lived your life without your four-legged friend.

Here are some of the things you’ll want to know if you’re a new dog owner:

1. Get To Know Your Companion

Regardless of whether you’re getting an adult dog or a puppy, you must always be prepared for when they arrive. You’ll have to be patient with them because there will be an adjustment curve when they come to your home. So it’s advisable to read up about the type of dog you’ll want to bring home. Different breeds will have different tendencies and requirements. It pays to get ahead. And if you have a puppy then you will need to check out a guide to puppy training.

The genuine dog lovers who write for the Woof Bark Growl dog website will give you valuable insights about dog breeds and other relevant information about caring. Whatever the breed is you’ll have to accept them as they are because dogs react differently in a new place. Knowing their breed is not enough. You’ll have to get to know them individually and their unique characteristics.  

2. Get The Right Food and Supplies

Stock on the right pet foods for your new dog


Dogs will have different nutritional needs, based on a lot of factors. As a new dog owner, it’s important that you get the right food for them to keep them at their best and prevent illnesses. As with all living creatures, food is the foundation of overall health. So make sure you feed them accordingly, you can consult with your veterinarian for guidance.

You will also need to procure the appropriate pet equipment and toys for your new dog. It’s hard to tell which of the toys he’ll play with so you can get a couple of variations to be sure. You’ll also need to prepare his bed, bath, and food bowl. It’ll be like shopping for a new baby so it can be very exciting.  

3. Finding A Vet

New dog owner
Finding a good vet for your dog will help when they fall sick


The vet is one of the most important people in your dog’s life.  Make sure you find a great one that you trust. As a new dog owner, they will help you raise your dog by giving you advice about the health and diet of your dog. If you have a puppy, you’re going to have frequent visits to the vet so you’ll have to consider the distance of the clinic from your house. You’ll also have to look into his or her staff because they’ll be the ones taking care of your dog when they’re out. Establishing a good line of communication with your vet is essential, especially in emergency situations when you’ll be administering first aid measures.

Don’t expect your dog to be always in perfect health so you should also prepare yourself with visits to the doctor and hearing about your dog’s health issues. Don’t get overwhelmed if you hear about something wrong, and just make sure you give your dog the proper care it deserves.

4. Basic Training for the dog and the new dog owner

Your dog will most probably come without any form of training at all. So make sure they understand that your house is not their bathroom. It requires consistency and patience, but they’ll learn and it’ll be easier then. To avoid accidents in the house, limit their spaces into pens, especially when you’re not around. If you’re at home take them outside the pen and reward them with treats if they do their business outside. You can also put potty pads in their pen when they need to go and you’re not around.  It’s important you involve any children in the house in the training to ensure the training is reinforced by all in the household.

new dog owner
Involve all the household members in the training


5. Be Responsible and Stay Committed

This is very important as all of the things mentioned previously won’t mean a thing if you yourself can’t keep it together. You will be responsible for another life and their well-being lies entirely on what you do. So if you’re thinking about adopting a dog, make sure you understand first the changes and responsibilities that come with having a furry companion.

Don’t be one of those heartless people who abandons their dogs because they didn’t turn out the way they wanted them to be. Your dog’s life and behaviour is a reflection on the kind of new dog owner you are to them.

There are still some things you’ll pick up along the way, but the ones discussed are essential. Taking care of a dog will be one of the most fulfilling things you’ll ever do. They’ll see you as their world and their everything, they’ll be the most excited family members to see you as you walk up the front door. They’ll be there for you in your loneliest moments, without words just their unwavering presence and it’ll be enough. Your furry friend will be your true friend to the end.




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