New home construction vs home renovations

20 Mar, 2021

New home construction vs home renovations

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Whether you are considering home renovations or even a new home construction, both are an investment. You need to make the right decision for you and your property. Every homeowner dreams of making their living space exactly as they want it.  This big decision requires time to get it right. Read on to learn the relative merits of one versus the other, Then choose the one that best applies to your situation.

Home Renovations vs. New Home Construction

new home construction
A new home construction can be very exciting

Home renovations that can be a worthwhile investment. They can give your home a brand new look and feel that will impress your neighbours and loved ones. For homeowners that seek to renovate or build a new foundation for their home, there are remodelling and building services in Miami that offer high-quality craftsmanship and at reasonable prices.

Whether it is to remodel a section of your home or redo an entire portion of living room space, there are solutions for every project. Finding the right architect can be the lynch pin to a successful project. You can eliminate old and worn-out materials in place of new and modern touches that can exponentially increase the value of a home.

What to Expect During a Renovation

Renovations for residential projects can be messy and chaotic, but it is part of the process. When we think “renovation” the removal of walls and furniture, and the noise of hammers and drills comes to mind. It’s inconvenient for a while, and depending on the work you undertake, your contractor will estimate a completion timeline.

In the meantime, temporarily living elsewhere can speed up the project until all the work is finished and you return to a cleaned home. If you move out then renovations can be at full-scale, which may mean the majority of the home is going to be renovated. Or alternatively renovations can be localized, meaning only certain sections of the home will be reworked.

New Home Construction

If you want to build a home foundation from scratch, projects of this scale take longer than renovations. They may take months or years to complete depending on the size of the home and the land. The plot on which the new foundation will be built will dictate the land treatment. This in turn will influence the duration of project.

Upgrading the foundation of your home or building a new property from scratch involves substantial project planning, You need to plan careful allocation of funds, and the right construction team for the job. The geographical region of the home also plays an important role in the price of construction. Waterfront homes, for example, are typically going to be more expensive than areas in the suburbs.

Thinking of Hiring a Contractor?

Finding the right professional for your new construction or renovation project is important in two ways: the first criteria of qualifying the right contractor for the job is ensuring the person or company has an established reputation. An experienced contractor has a track record of satisfied clients and completed projects.

The second criteria are to evaluate how your contractor is conducting the pre-planning or consulting phase with you. Have they set solid criteria in their plan to meet your project goals? Do they seem like they are just in it for the money you have to offer them? Have they given you confidence? A diligent and client-focused contractor will carry your project toward completion and with minimal issues.

Deciding Between a Renovation and New Home Construction

Between the two home improvement projects, deciding on one is straightforward once you jot down your expectations and goals. It’s also critical to think about the budget, which is the main driving force for any renovation or new construction project of a property. Discussing the exact numbers with your contractor is necessary, and you shouldn’t shy away from it.

Being open with your ideas, doubts, and concerns about your vision for your home is essential. This will let your contractor know that your renovation or construction project is important to you.


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