New home features you didn’t know you wanted

8 Sep, 2021

New home features you didn’t know you wanted

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Every homeowner dreams of that fantasy property.  And while it is easy to think that this elusive fantasy home does not exist it doesn’t mean you can’t have elements of that ideal space. To truly encapsulate everything you dreamed about in your dreams, you’ll have to put in some work. Additions through renovations are how homeowners fine-tune a house into a home. Here are four fun and unexpected new home features that will take your living space to the next level!

New home features to consider

new home ideas
Have a room you can liberate and convert to a hobby space?

Adding new home features to your house may not be as difficult as you might imagine. Considering some small renovations to give you and your family these special places where you live might be what you need to make your home feel like an ideal home. Here are four ideas to consider that are not very difficult and just take a little space, time and effort:

1. A Home Salon

Are you still driving to get your hair done? This modern trend brings the luxury salon experience right to your home.

Modern living means creating spaces with functional design. Install a single vintage salon chair next to a soaker bathtub and create a calming and fun spa all your own. Have your hairdresser come to you, and never step out of your PJs.

A home salon-spa combo also increases the price of your home. Whether you sell through a traditional real estate agent or an investor with, the valuation of your home will skyrocket.

new home ideas
Or do you have a space or part of a room to convert to a home salon?

2. A Package Room

Online shoppers have increased by the millions for the past half-decade. Chances are, you buy more online than you do in person these days.

If you’re exhausted of your front door looking like the sorting room at FedEx, it’s time to expand. A foyer with built-in shelving will bring order to the chaos.

Even a small extension or addition will make a big difference in keeping track of all you ordered (and all you forgot you ordered).

3. A Secret Room

Secret passageways, fake walls, spinning bookshelves—owning your home means making fantasy a reality. Add a whimsical addition to your house with a hidden room or a multipurpose surface, like an exercise wall. Create the ultimate play place for your kids or a retreat for parents who need a moment of quiet. It’s a great new home feature that will pay dividends.

Work with a good contractor, and anything can become an interior wall: panelling, bookcases, mirrors, fireplaces, and more can hide your secrets.

Only your imagination limits you. Remember, this is the time to have fun. Experiment a bit, and you’ll have a home like no one else in the world.

new home features
Perhaps there’s a wall that could double as an exercise wall?

4. An Indoor Bar

When it comes time to entertain, there’s no place like home. A classy bar will make your house the go-to spot for your friends.

You can make your bar stand out by following the design of your favourite watering hole. Add a vast mirror across the back, install beautiful shelving to display your collection, even add some personal cocktail menus to complete the experience.

Once you’ve mixed a few drinks, it’ll be time to wow your guests by turning around and revealing your secret room behind the bar!

The right renovation will be a long-term investment that will make your home shine today and pay off in the future.

Final thoughts on the new home features you hadn’t considered

Making your house special means upping your renovation game. You won’t find everything you want pre-packaged and ready to go. Put your personal mark on your house and re-imagine what it means to come home.

Embrace the upgrade and bring the unexpected home. It’ll make you a very proud and happy homeowner.



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