New housekeeper – Build a great relationship

22 Apr, 2021

New housekeeper – Build a great relationship

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As a homeowner you may need help maintaining your property inside and out with either a cleaner or housekeeper.  Depending on the size of your home, and possibly the number of homes you have you may considering hiring a live in housekeeper, or a housekeeper who visits on a regular basis.

Here are some top tips on how to build a great relationship with your housekeeper, or whomever you have who looks after your home.

How to build a trusting relationship with your housekeeper

Hiring a housekeeper can save you a lot of time

So, you prefer spending your time rationally. Then, you are bound to hire a paper writer at least once while being a student. And you’d hire a housekeeper after you graduate, get a job, and have your own dwelling.

A housekeeper is a perfect assistant if you need to optimize your time. So, just like it’s great to check the best essay writing service reviews before picking your service once and for a long time, it’s also cool to have a reliable assistant nearby for years.

Why so? It’s because developing a trusting relationship always requires a lot of time. It’s especially critical when speaking of one’s house. You won’t find a trustworthy person to replace your housekeeper quickly, while household tasks won’t wait.

To avoid bringing discomfort to your home and life, it would be great for you to have a reliable helper at hand all the time. Here are some recommendations to keep up with if you want to build a trusting professional relationship with your housekeeper.

Mutual respect

That’s a simple and obvious rule. Though, it is not always easy to keep for many people. If you want to work with your live in house keeper for a long, avoid disrespecting them at all costs. No rude dialogues, no unpleasant hints, and no unwanted jokes. First of all, your relationship is a business: you are an employer, your house keeper is an employee. It’s that straightforward.

Rules and responsibilities discussed

This rule comes from the previous one. If a home help is a regular employee, then there are functions for both an employee and an employer. So, you are the manager giving them responsibilities and tasks, while a housekeeper agrees to do their job according to the set frames.

As a consequence, the most suitable decision here is to write down the house keeper’s responsibilities in the job contract after a discussion. That’s how you both avoid potential misunderstandings.

Housekeeper to-do list

In case you’ve got extra tasks (and they are mentioned in a housekeeper’s job contract), just prepare a list with them before your worker comes to the house. Most probably, everything will be done perfectly and timely.

Make a detailed list of all the jobs that must be accomplished

Discuss house rules at the interview

This is the way to filter some candidates right after their interviews. They just might not like the way you plan to organize cooperation or your expectations. If that means the process of looking for a suitable candidate will last longer, so be it. In return for your time investment, you’ll find a really fitting worker. And that’s surely worth it.

On-time payment

Payment delays shouldn’t be your reality if you want a home keeper to do their job well and trust you as a worthy employer. There is no reason for you to share news about your financial difficulties, too. Just calculate everything well to have enough funds to pay your house keeper on time.

No gifts

Gifting presents is not always acceptable, especially if a present is expensive (for a home help, at least). If you are totally satisfied with your housekeeper’s job, the best way to thank them is to pay a bonus. Still, correct timing matters: do that on a salary day, and note that the job was excellent. They’ll appreciate that a lot.

Additionally, warning a housekeeper about the fact that you don’t want any presents from them would be the correct and right decision. Moreover, these two points can be included in a contract, too.

Keep a respectful distance so that the house keeper can do their job

Keep a respectful distance

No matter how pleasant and friendly your live in home help seems, remember you are not friends.

And that’s okay. Again, your relationship is business, first of all.

If you want to have a trustworthy business partner, you shouldn’t go in for experiments with friendship there.

Stay calm

Your emotions, for whatever reason, are not for a house keeper.

They are not your friend or paid psychologist to share worries, hopes, or problems.

In case you have wishes about the housekeeper’s job, let them know about what you think calmly and professionally.

Housekeepers are professionals

So, if your cooperation with a home help is going well, it’s wise to let it keep going the same way. To do that, simply follow the discussed rules and responsibilities.

The point is, you hired a professional to complete particular tasks. They know how to do their job, so your recommendations and pieces of “friendly” advice aren’t necessary. Your housekeeper knows how to wash clothes and dust the furniture throughout the house better than you, just like you know how to be a good professional in your field.

That’s why you both are who you are. Avoid trying to teach a house keeper how to do their job.

If you and your house keeper are both away on holiday you will need housesitters. On some occasions you may need housesitters to oversee your housekeeping staff when are away.


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