New kitchen? Avoid these mistakes

23 Feb, 2022

New kitchen? Avoid these mistakes

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As a homeowner you might be dreaming of a new kitchen. Dreaming for a long time doesn’t mean that you are ready to fit the perfect kitchen. Plan and review that plan to make sure you get exactly what you want and it fits in the space. Read this blog to learn about classic mistakes people often make with a new kitchen.

Planning a new kitchen? Then read this

new kitchen
Your ideal new kitchen might be an eat in kitchen

Are you planning on getting a new kitchen? Then these tips will help you to plan everything properly. Planning reawlly will help you avoid expensive mistakes as well as a few headaches. Take a look below to find out more.

Try an Island

If you feel as though having counter space or storage space is important then you may find that having a kitchen island is certainly worth the cost. The great thing about having a kitchen island is that it can eliminate the amount of people who are working in the kitchen at any one time, and it can also reduce traffic flow. Try an island before you fully decide to commit to one.

You can try and make a simple unit out of plywood to see if you like the idea of a counter, and also make sure that even with a counter, you can still open all of your fridge and stove doors. Things like this may sound simple, but they can impact your home more than you realise.

new kitchen
You might want an island where you can work and socialise

A Temporary kitchen while you wait for your ideal new kitchen

The great thing about a temporary kitchen is that it helps you to wash dishes, and have your coffee in the morning while your current kitchen is out of commission. Save a couple of your old cabinets and your countertops and move them into another room. Functionality is key here, so focus on this where possible.

It may be that you just have a microwave and a hot plate, with a mini-fridge to keep you going. Either way, this is a great way for you to ensure that you are not left with minimal preparation space when it comes to your family’s meals.

Leave Space for Appliances in your new kitchen

If you know that you are getting new cabinets put in, but you feel as though you want to keep the fridge that you have now, then this is understandable. That being said, you have to make sure that you leave enough space so that you can replace your fridge at a later date.

Install some filler strips or even some panels so that you can take up the extra space and so that you can give yourself room later on if this is required. You’d be surprised at how much this could help you when it comes to future-proofing your kitchen.

Depending on the appliance you are getting for  your new kitchen, you may need to get some industrial pipe fitted under the floor, which will of course, mean that you have to get a new floor put down.

benefits of a home warranty
Remember space for domestic appliances and home systems

Floor Gaps

If you are keeping the floor that you have now and replacing your cabinets, remember the gaps. Base cabinets are usually the same width, but the toe-kick can vary quite a lot. If you see that the new cabinet does not fit with the footprint you have now, then expect gaps. Try and make sure that the width of the new cabinets matches the width of the ones you are working with right now.

Order your Countertop After

Measure the base cabinets you have installed right now to find out what dimension you need for the countertop. You do not have to go with the one that is on your plans. It may be that the row of cabinets have a different size or shape to the ones that are on your plans because the walls are not fully square.

If you need to make things easier on yourself then use a carpenter’s square and then put it in the corner of your cabinet. You may find that the corner is much narrower than the rest of the wall because you have joint compound. Either way, this is one of the best ways for you to ensure that the whole job runs smoothly and that you end up with countertops that not only fit, but ones that you are happy with.

kitchen transforamtion
Plan cupboards and hardware to maximise storage

Plan storage in a new kitchen

Storage should also be a consideration. Under-cabinet drawers are ideal as they give you instant access to some of the many kitchen essentials you need without having to worry about the clutter that comes with knife holders or even spice racks. When you have done the cooking you need, you can then put the rack swings right up against the cabinet.

You can buy these so that they are ready-made already or you can attempt to make your own if you want.


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