Best New Kitchen Trends

9 Dec, 2022

Best New Kitchen Trends

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If you are looking to refresh your kitchen or build a new one then read this article. We have prepared a review of new kitchen trends for 2024 tailored to homeowners ready to make a change to their kitchen. Learn more from our review of trends and top tips.

New kitchen trends for 2024

new kitchen trends
Your selected colours will inject a hint of the new kitchen trends

Whether you’d like to refurbish your kitchen, have it entirely replaced, or even just spruce things up a little, you should consider what’s trending as we head into 2024. So, what kitchen trends will be big in the new year? Let’s take a look!

Bringing your ideal kitchen to suit your life

Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, we suggest spending a good bit of time trying to find a kitchen fitter. It’s best to get quotes from three potential installers/installation companies before making a decision. That way, you’d have several options to consider before choosing the best person for the job.

Social Kitchen Islands

While kitchen islands have been in the mainstream since the 1980s, their design and how they are used continue to evolve.

Currently, it’s becoming more popular to use kitchen islands as something of a focal point in a kitchen. A social kitchen island involves an island with several seats around it.

So, rather than having just one person sit at it while the kitchen table acts as the primary social point of the space, you can instead use your kitchen island as the focal point. Also, it isn’t simply about how you use the kitchen island, as manufacturers are now actively taking it upon themselves to design and tailor kitchen islands such that more seating can naturally fit around.

In 2024, having a shared family dinner around a kitchen island is likely to become more commonplace and one of the new kitchen trends that is readily adopted.

Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelves are exactly what you’d expect. The shelves could sit among wall cabinets throughout your kitchen. So, it isn’t likely that open shelving will fully replace kitchen cabinets any time soon, but they can help to open up the space and create a more diverse and modern aesthetic.

Having open shelves fitted between kitchen cabinets (and in a spot that’s safe, practical, and maximises its aesthetic value) could be a great opportunity to mix the old and new when it comes to a kitchen in 2024.

Kitchen colours

new kitchen trends
A statement colour will set the tone for your kitchen

Emerald Green or Lilac Kitchens

Let’s look at colour now. According to Tapwarehouse, interest is on the rise in emerald green and lilac kitchens right now.

With emerald green kitchens seeing a sharper increase in Pinterest searches lately than any other kitchen colours, we imagine that these tones will be ever more present in UK kitchens over the next 12 months.

Of course, if you were to opt for emerald green (with it being a dark tone), you’d need to opt for suitable colours elsewhere to contrast it neatly. For example, you might want to match emerald green kitchen cabinets with white marble countertops.

Gold or brass fixtures

Alternatively, or in addition, you could consider using gold/brass fixtures throughout the kitchen as these could go quite nicely with emerald, the more predominant emerald green tones.

As for lilac, this gentle, gorgeous colour can create a warm, low-stress environment (even more so if your kitchen is well-designed such as to minimise clutter). Lilac tones tend to go well with shades of white, grey, and even blue.

Neutral and subtle colours

Other new kitchen trends in colours in 2024 include neutral, sage, marble, indigo, beige, and pink. Which of the colours discussed in this section might really take off in 2024 is yet to be seen, but all offer plenty of potential.

But all in all, getting the colour of a kitchen right depends on balancing the various colours featured throughout. Some colours match well, while others don’t. So, be sure not to rush this part of the planning process.

Metallic Finishes Feature Among the New Kitchen Trends

Create a personalised look to your kitchen by choosing elements that mean something to you

Among the new kitchen trends expected to be big in 2024 is the use of metallic finishes. Of course, metallic finishes need not totally dominate a kitchen space but incorporating them in the right way, along with other finishes (e.g., timber) could work well if you are looking for an appealing and aesthetically pleasing design.

Combine metals with similar tones

It’s probably best to combine metals with fairly similar tones. In other words, to fully realise the new kitchen trends we’d suggest leaving the visual contrast to the metallic finishes and the non-metallic finishes as opposed to heavily contrasting the metallic finishes themselves. It’s all about balance really.

You don’t want to use the same metallic finish throughout, but you probably don’t want to create a wild mix of heavily contrasting metallic tones either.

Use of Rugs

This may seem like a strange one but there is some growing interest in the idea of adding a fairly large rug to a kitchen space. The correct rug (and one that is placed in the right place) can soften the look of a kitchen and ensure the kitchen doesn’t feel too industrial or even a little unhomely.

Kitchen rugs can help with zoning since they’d clearly differentiate one space from another. In terms of the ideal location to place a kitchen rug, the most obvious spot would be beneath the kitchen table.

Final word on new kitchen trends

If you are looking to build or refresh your kitchen then do consider these new kitchen trends. Whether your personal style leans to clean and modern with metallic surfaces, or cozy with rugs and a wood burner consider it is good to have a refresh once in a while.


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