Noisy sleeper ? 7 Easy tips to keep your partner from snoring

23 May, 2020

Noisy sleeper ? 7 Easy tips to keep your partner from snoring

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Whether you are housesitting or living at home you may be living with a partner who has a snoring problem. Here are some top tips to help you manage the noise of the snoring sleeper.

7 Easy Techniques That Will Keep Your Partner From Snoring

Snoring is often caused by a blockage in the airway passage of a person. For instance, your partner may snore because of a blocked nasal passage. It can also be that their tongue drops to the back of their mouth, causing an obstruction in their airway. Otherwise, your partner may be breathing through their mouth or they have a soft palate and vibrating uvula, which can also cause snoring. To keep your partner from snoring, below are some easy techniques that will lead to quality sleep for both of you.

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1. Let Your Partner Sleep on Their Side

One of the easiest remedies to address snoring is by changing sleeping positions. Thereby, try to ask the noisy sleeper to sleep on their side to avoid having their tongue drop at the back of their mouth. This will allow air to flow through easily in their airways, allowing both of you to get enough sleep for the night.

2. Raise Up the Head of Your Bed

Another technique to keep your partner from snoring is by elevating the head of your bed by using additional pillows. As much as possible, use memory foam pillows as these are the best pillows to help stop snoring and have a good night’s rest. This is because, with a memory foam pillow, your head, neck, and ears are properly supported.

3. Keep Their Air Passages Open

There are a number of devices that you can let your partner use to ensure that their air passages are free of any blockage. For instance, you can let them use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, particularly if they are suffering also from obstructive sleep apnea. They can also use an oral appliance which can help them breathe easier or use nasal strips placed on the bridge of their nose to increase the space in their nasal passage. The former also stiffens the mouth’s soft palate to reduce snoring. A treatment known as radiofrequency tissue ablation or somnoplasty can also shrink the tissue of the soft palate to inhibit snoring.

4. Use a Humidifier in Your Room

Dry air can aggravate snoring so it is a good idea to get a humidifier for your room to keep the air moist. The moisture in the air can help lubricate the throat of your partner, making it easy for air to flow through their airway. Thus, the possibility of your partner snoring will be greatly reduced.

5. Treat Their Allergies

If your partner is suffering from chronic allergies, getting them with the proper treatment can also help with their snoring problem. This is because chronic allergies can also cause a blockage in the airways of your partner. Hence, make sure that they get to see a medical professional for the proper prescription for allergy medications that can help them improve their condition.

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6. Ask Your Noisy Sleeper to Quit Bad Habits

Alcohol consumption and smoking are some of the habits that can contribute to the noise levels of your snoring sleeper. Ask your partner to avoid consuming alcohol a couple of hours before bedtime because alcohol can relax the throat muscles which can eventually lead to snoring. In addition to this, ask your partner to stop smoking because this can only worsen their snoring. Instead, let them try using nicotine patches to help them quit and once they do, you will immediately see an improvement in terms of their snoring problem.

7. Stay Fit and Healthy Together

Finally, staying fit and maintaining the body’s ideal body mass index (BMI) will also help your partner with their snoring problem. With an ideal BMI, it follows that the weight of your partner is also right for his body type. Without excess weight, the amount of tissue in their throat is also reduced, preventing them from snoring. The best way to help them shed off some extra pounds is by exercising together and making the conscious effort of being selective on your food intake.

In conclusion, first help your partner identify the reason why they are snoring because once you do, you will be able to address it more appropriately. In any case, it will help to consider changing sleeping positions or raising the head of your bed. There are also different devices that you can use to keep their air passages free from any obstruction. You can also try to use a humidifier in your room, or treat their allergies if any. Most importantly, help your partner quit bad habits by staying fit and healthy together. All these are geared towards a more peaceful sleep for both you and your partner.



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