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22 Sep, 2020

Travellers Tales – Deported from Ireland during pandemic

Every once in a while at HouseSitMatch we receive unusual travellers tales from our network of regular housesitters. Many of them love to travel the world to experience different cultures, geographies and the diverse peoples the planet has to share. This story, shared with us by Kelly Hayes-Raitt a HouseSitMatch member, long term housesitter and […]

22 Sep, 2020

Managing our children’s education for optimal results

All parents around the world know how vital education is for children. Optimising our children’s education whether we are at home or educating on the road is critical for their development. Whether we are based at home or housesitters travelling around the world with our family we work to ensure we do the best we […]

pet lizard
21 Sep, 2020

How to properly care for your pet lizard

Many homeowners have pets. Not so many have exotic pets, though many consider that option. Are you planning to get a pet lizard? If so you may not be sure  yet about all the steps you need to take to ensure that your lizard is content and healthy. Consider that there are many things that […]

first home
16 Sep, 2020

Saving for a first home ? Essential Top Tips

Many of us dream of becoming homeowners for years before we actually achieve our goal. Saving for our first home can be difficult when there are so many demands on our monthly earnings. Here are some simple top tips to help plan and actually activate that savings plan to make your dream a reality. Saving […]

home iprovements
15 Sep, 2020

Home improvements to increase your house value

Many homeowners with suitable houses and properties consider the opportunity of home improvements. There are many ways you can improve your property, and by investing wisely you can increase your house value. For example, a loft conversion is an efficient way to expand the use of space in your home, sometimes without the need for building […]

home maintenance hacks
14 Sep, 2020

Home maintenance hacks – Common household uses for vinegar

As every homeowner knows there are a number of home maintenance hacks that are effective. Some are easy to remember and cheap. None more so than domestic vinegar which can be used in a remarkable variety of ways. Here we offer a list of common household uses for vinegar. Vinegar is easy on the pocket […]

wood flooring at home
14 Sep, 2020

Fancy wood flooring at home? Here are the latest trends

As a homeowner you may be keen on a particular style of decor. Increasingly many people are choosing wood flooring at home in order to introduce a particular look or style. Here are some of the latest trends using wood for flooring that you may find appealing. Wood Flooring Trends That You Need In Your […]

home office
11 Sep, 2020

How to Choose Elegant Furniture Style for Home Office

The convenience of a home office has become a must in recent months for most home owners. But choosing the right spot in the house, with the best furniture for you can be a challenge. Here are some ideas on how to choose elegant furniture for your home office. Making a home office? Some ideas […]

window blinds
8 Sep, 2020

6 Reasons Why Investing in Window Blinds is Great for Home

Most homeowners worry about privacy and security in their home. Many are beginning to rediscover the beauty and multiple benefits of Window blinds as a decorative treatment and a privacy veil between their home and the outside world. Here are six reasons why you might want to consider blinds for your own home. Window Blinds […]