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trim trees
22 Feb, 2021

How to trim trees – Timing and method

If you own property then you know that the responsibility for the care and maintenance of the land is yours. That means that as the homeowner and presumably landowner you either need to have certain skills to maintain your home or buy in those skills. One of the less well known skills is how to […]

house sitter hacks
21 Feb, 2021

House sitter hacks for travellers around the world

If like me you love travel and have missed the adventure during our global travel restrictions, then consider housesitting. At we are great exponents of the wonders of travel especially as a house sitter. Read on to learn the very best house sitter hacks. It will help you to make the most of the […]

home jewellery making
21 Feb, 2021

Home Jewellery making – What you need

Many of our Housesitmatch members have started asking us for information on what other members are doing from home during lockdown. It seems hobbies and crafts are becoming particularly interesting the world over. Home jewellery making is a craft that can easily be started as a home hobby or even a business venture. If you […]

solar power
18 Feb, 2021

Solar power – Convert your home to renewable energy

Many homeowners conscious of scarce resources and keen on renewable energy have switched to solar power.  Governments around the world are encouraging and sometimes incentivising the switch.  Not all homes are suitable for solar panels, or the weight of additional equipment needed to capture the sun’s energy. Here is a short guide to help you […]

buying a house
18 Feb, 2021

Buying a house with cash – Here’s how

If you are looking to buy a house you may be financing the purchase in several ways. A mortgage is common especially for first time buyers. However, if you have already been a homeowner, you may be a cash buyer for your new property. This is becoming more common an experience as empty nesters and […]

home garage
18 Feb, 2021

Home garage business – How to set one up

In these days of the Covid pandemic many of our homeowner members are working from home. Sometimes that is easier than others. If you have a business that can be managed virtually through the internet then as long as your wifi is strong you’re ok. But what if your business needs physical space? What if […]

trendy bathroom ideas
17 Feb, 2021

Trendy bathroom ideas to transform your room

Updating your home can bring a new lease of life to living in the same space.  Few homeowners spend much time on regularly refitting the bathroom. So it is always a good idea to look around and check out the latest trendy bathroom ideas you fancy. Some are pretty inexpensive and just take a little […]

air conditioning
17 Feb, 2021

Considered air conditioning? Top tips about the servicing

If you live in a climate that is hot or humid in the Summer season then likely you have considered air conditioning. And as a homeowner living in the property you know that every appliance needs servicing to maintain optimal efficiency and function. Here are some vital facts you need to know about air conditioner […]