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choosing the right dog sitter
27 Apr, 2021

Choosing the Right Dog Sitter for Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be a full on job if you are doing the organising yourself. If you have pets and are a dog owner you also need to think about care for your pets.  Choosing the right dog sitter can be a challenge because once you have a sitter you don’t want to worry […]

choosing a dog collar
26 Apr, 2021

Choosing a dog collar? 4 Things you need to know

If you are an experienced dog or pet owner you know that a collar can be an essential accessory. Choosing a dog collar for your pet takes some consideration, however, and there are four main things you need to consider before you make that purchase. Read on to learn more  about the essential factors to […]

how to deal with the insurance company
25 Apr, 2021

A disaster? How to deal with the insurance company

Every homeowner and business owner dreads the unlikely but occasional disaster that destroys a building. Whether the cause was accidental or otherwise it can be devastating and traumatic. But understanding how to deal with the insurance company can make all the difference in the results. Read on to learn a step by step approach that […]

create an organised and efficient home
23 Apr, 2021

Create an organised and efficient home – Here’s how

‘Keeping house’ as it used to be called is an art form. Actually you need to be a great manager or people and things as a homeowner in today’s society.  But there is a real skill today in how to create an organised and efficient home.  With many people living busy lifestyles in the modern […]

empty home
22 Apr, 2021

Empty home? How to prepare for a long absence

Every homeowner worries about their property. Whether you are actually living in the property or not the security and maintenance of your investment are naturally a concern. If you have to leave an empty home for a long absence, whether for work or holiday, the anxiety increases. So how do you go about preparing to […]

hiring petsitters
22 Apr, 2021

Hiring petsitters? Try a more affordable way

If you are a pet owner and need sitters from time to time consider using a service like when you are thinking of hiring petsitters. Housesitmatch will help you find suitable pre-checked petsitters, at a fraction of the cost of paid sitters. This is especially helpful when you go away on holiday and simply […]

your ideal property
20 Apr, 2021

Buying your ideal property – Top tips

Thinking about purchasing a new home? If this is the case, then you need to think about it in terms of suitability for your family. Consider the fundamentals of what would make this next move a choice for your ideal property. If you are becoming a homeowner for the first time then these tips will […]