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sell your home
28 Sep, 2020

Stay put or sell your home – Moving during the Pandemic

In the last few months, many homeowners found themselves living and working full time unexpectedly in their own home. Governments around the world encouraged us all to stay at home in lockdown to save lives. We needed to quickly rethink and adapt our home environments to accommodate full time work and study. This experience, unique […]

rental property
23 Sep, 2020

Expert Property Maintenance tips for Landlords

Once you have become a homeowner you may find that owning property for the purpose of renting it out as an investment can be incredibly rewarding. This applies whether you are a landlord managing a rental property portfolio as your main source of income or a landlord who invests in property to make extra cash […]

benefits of education
22 Sep, 2020

Advantages of education – Important in the life of every individual

The advantages of education are manifold. It is widely acknowledged that education is the key to success. But now, many people fail to understand this phrase or realize its importance. In layman’s language, anyone can be anywhere he/she wants to be with the proper education. Now, is that not a success? Today, many people face […]