Painted furniture – How to make your small home look bigger

26 Nov, 2020

Painted furniture – How to make your small home look bigger

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As a homeowner one of the challenges you may face on a regular basis is managing the décor of your home. The use of painted furniture in certain rooms or as a running theme throughout your property, especially if it is small can help you in many ways. Here are some ideas to get you thinking…

Why Painted Furniture Are Perfect for Smaller Interiors

Having a small interior space is not an excuse to have a boring home. Instead, it means you can achieve a stylish look without using many decor ideas for your house. When you have limited space, going overboard on your decor and accessories will make your house look too cluttered and busy.

painted furniture
Placing painted furniture in a room can expand the sense of space

When you have a small space, it also translates to affordability for you, and it would also take you a lesser considerable amount of time to get your house sparkling. Having a classy home with small spaces is achievable, and you don’t have to try too hard. Painted furniture is a lifesaver when you have limited space. Below are the top reasons why having painted furniture is a better option than the dull laid back colors for your home.

Make Your Room Bigger

When you have painted furniture, especially light colors, they make your house look bigger. For instance, it will reflect more natural light towards your room when you have white furniture, creating a bigger illusion. On the other hand, darker colors make a place appear intimate, making it advisable for homes with big spaces.

Therefore, when you have darker colored furniture, your room will appear more cramped. Remember, space is already limited, and you don’t want to make it appear smaller than it is. If you want painted furniture to make your room appear bigger, you can choose white, pastel colors like yellow and blue, and even gray.

Creates a Fun, Dramatic Look

Painted furniture is a new way of living that will transform your house instantly. It creates a bold and dramatic look with an instant flair that makes it appealing to the eye. Additionally, it gives it a chic look, even when operating on minimalist ideas.

When you have a small space, having dark colors gives it a serious look, which is hard to decorate with others as you may hold back on using other bright colors.

Color Blend Flexibility 

Blending different colors in a small space can be quite an uphill task. You may want to address your adventurous side. On the other hand, you may be held back by the space limitation when you have different color themes. However, painted furniture gives you an avenue to blend with many colors.

painted furniture
Painted furniture in a galley kitchen can make it feel bigger

For instance, when choosing white furniture, you can choose a color to match and give a classic combination. Therefore, you will have no limitation on the color you opt to use for your home. For instance, if you have brown furniture, you have to stick to specific color palettes. If you look out for a local living room furniture sale you have the best chance of finding what you want at affordable prices.

An attempt to use mix and match with colors that don’t blend will wash down the overall look. You can easily implement your primary and secondary color palettes with a seamless color blend when you have painted furniture. Additionally, it also becomes easier to consider the color of your wall, floor, and even the ceiling.

Calming Effect 

Painted furniture can transform your house and give it a calm and soothing ambiance. For instance, if you select white painted furniture, it shows hope, transparency, and calming nature. It helps you stay relaxed after a long day at work.

Address Your Specific Needs

Every room in your house serves a different purpose. For instance, your living room gives a welcome feel for your visitors and other family members too. On the other hand, you may want a dining area that advocates for togetherness and bonding while having your favorite meal over dinner.

Your bedrooms have different themes too. You may want a blend of the masculine and feminine feel in your bedroom to address your needs and that of your partner as well. On the other hand, you may specifically want a feminine approach for girls’ bedroom and a masculine effect for boys’ bedroom.

When achieving such needs, you will address the wall, flooring, and even the accessories. Furniture, too, will significantly influence how you achieve the effect you want for your home. Therefore, choosing the most suitable from the furniture market is advisable. For instance, if you want a feminine approach, you can incorporate furniture painted in color palettes such as white, pink, and even cream.

On the other hand, if you want a darker effect for your muscular side, you can use furniture painted in dark colors. It can be grey and even blue. When you have a small space, addressing your specific needs is the primary role when decorating your house instead of going all over the place trying out different ideas.

Easy to Accessorize

Painted furniture can be easy to accessorize

Accessories to a home are what a dog is to man. When you have painted furniture, it becomes easier to accessorize your small space and achieve a stylish look when going minimal. If not careful, poor choice of accessories can overwhelm your look, and you make it appear too crowded. That is the immediate result you hope to avoid when decorating your small space.

When accessorizing your home, a general rule is to use your primary color palettes for a large percentage of your room. What follows is the secondary color you choose to accessorize your home, and, lastly, the minimal color palettes will form the accent theme for your room. When you have painted furniture, it becomes easier to accessorize your home with throw pillows, curtain drapes, floor, and sofa rugs.

For instance, when you have your main color palette as cream, it can make up for the greater percentage of your décor, through your sofa and living room stand. It then becomes easier to narrow down on the secondary and accent color.

You’ll also find it easier to use light wood flooring to increase your space, and even glossy finish floors like marbles and tiles reflect more light, thus creating a bigger room illusion. You will also accessorize it easily with floor rugs, patterns, and mirrors too.

Ideally, painted furniture will help you achieve a minimalist outlook, a lifesaver for small interiors. Plus, you can also use painted furniture to serve multiple functions in your house. Painted furniture will help you achieve a focal point for your living room, which then becomes easier to outline your room’s layout without overshadowing it.



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