Perfect ways to use a garden room in Summer

12 Jun, 2023

Perfect ways to use a garden room in Summer

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Many of us dream of having a garden room or conservatory in our home. As homeowners we like to shape the way our environments help us relax and entertain and indeed rest when we are at home. Read on to learn some of the perfect ways to use your garden room this Summer.

3 Perfect ways to use a Garden Room This Summer

garden room
Sometimes the large open style windows are uplifting and give a real sense of open space

With the warmer weather kicking in you can finally make full use of your outdoor space and garden! If you’re lucky enough to have your very own garden room, these uses are perfectly ideal for the summer season, useful for entertaining, chilling, and enjoying the sun.

Garden entertaining and summer parties

This special room is the perfect place to host guests, friends and family in your home, without feeling cramped within the main house. Some people call it a conservatory, or an orangery if it has particularly high ceilings or others call theirs a garden room.  Either way ti is a useful light filled space brining the indoors out and the outdoors in.

When the sun is shining and you’re looking to celebrate a family event, special occasion or simply host a get together with loved ones, this light filled room provides a great indoor/outdoor space that allows guests to enjoy the garden whilst also having somewhere to sit, relax, socialise, drink, eat, and enjoy.

Do garden rooms add value?

If you are considering a home renovation or extension a garden room can add tremendous value. It often extends the house into the yard and creates a more flexible space offering the owner many uses, especially in the summer.

To set up your orangery or special room for summer parties and events, why not consider installing a bar space and entertainment facilities like music speakers, pool tables, dining tables, chairs, and more.

Garden reading room

decorate a home with flowers
If you have the space create an indoor garden

If you would rather keep your private conservatory as your own little sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle of home and work life, using this as your garden reading room is ideal. For warm summer evenings and weekends, allow the natural sunlight to warm and light up the cosy garden room you have built in your garden for relaxing and reading.

A space that brings the outdoors in, you can enjoy the natural environment of your garden from the comfort of your garden room, snuggled into a large sofa or armchair engrossed in a captivating story or tell-all book.

Extra space for hobbies

This extra room can create vital space for leisure activities or hobbies

If you’re the creative type or have plenty of hobbies to enjoy, this type of room provides an ideal extra space for you to get on with any projects or activities in peace and quiet.

A great way to make use of this ‘extra room’ is by turning it into your own little art studio, craft area , music studio, or whatever creative space you need. In the summer season this is the perfect time to create a space where you can enjoy your favourite activities, whether this is painting, yoga, or knitting, whatever your hobby, the conservatory is a great space to enjoy this as the sun shines bright in the sky.

These spaces can be excellent for entertaining at night time or in the day.

Final thoughts on how to use a garden room

Building your very own custom garden room with a garden room designer allows you to use this space in any way that you wish. Design it with a single-use or multi-use in mind, ensuring you have plenty of space for decorating and activities, making this your very own garden sanctuary for whatever you want to use it for.


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