Personalize your home with a unique photo wall

11 Aug, 2020

Personalize your home with a unique photo wall

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Whether you are renting or you are a homeowner, it is always fun to personalize your home with images that are entirely unique to you.

DIY Photo Wall Ideas to Personalize Your Home

personalize your wall
Create a unique personalized backdrop to your home

The difference between a place we simply inhabit and a place that feels like home is the things we add. Sometimes it’s your family home’s old sofa, a blanket you’ve had since you were a child or photos of the people you love. 

Adding pictures to the walls fills your home with warm smiles and great memories. It makes family and friends feel closer, especially when you live far away. You want to make your favourite photos the focal point of your space, but how? 

We’re going to give you our tips on making a personalized DIY photo wall that will stand out in your home. 

Turn Photos to Paintings 

Anyone can order prints online and pick them up at the store within an hour, but not everyone has custom paintings in their home. If you have a photo of your family, friends, or even your pets, you can transform it into a painting done by hand. 

Depending on the style you want, you can get one in watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint. Don’t worry if you’re not an artist. Family and pet portraits at Instapainting, or other online resources, can be created and sent to you. The custom painting will be the centerpiece of any room in your house.

Build a Gallery Wall 

A new trend nowadays is creating gallery walls, which are spaces filled with what seem to be mismatched images, but all work together. When you have many photos and can’t choose which ones to hang, this is a great option. 

The images can be different sizes, and you can have fun picking unique frames. You don’t have to stop at just photos either. Frame concert tickets next to a picture of you and your friends at the show. Use a shadow box to put the shells you collected from the beach vacation together with your family’s photo in the sun. 

The options are endless here, and you can keep adding to it. With gallery walls, the more interesting the things are, the better! 

Polaroids are great for that instant print, better wall mounted

Use Polaroid Photos 

Polaroid cameras are making a comeback big time. Now that we all have cameras with our smartphones that can take thousands of images at once, there’s something special about capturing a single moment

Invest in a Polaroid camera and carry it around with you. Once you have 20 or 30 unique images, you can hang them on the wall. When arranged together, the small photos create a personalized large focal point in a space. 

Your visitors will be inclined to look closer at each photo. It’s a great conversation starter, as each picture is connected to a specific moment in your life. They look retro and cool, too.

The Bottom Line 

Adding your own personal touch to space will transform it from a house to a home. Filling your walls with images of your favorite people and memories is a great way to start. 

Some unique ways to highlight your images are by turning them into paintings, creating a gallery wall, and using Polaroid pictures. 



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