Pest control treatment and how to safeguard our pets

22 Mar, 2021

Pest control treatment and how to safeguard our pets

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Most pet owners need to undertake a pest control treatment in their home from time to time. However, if your pets live indoors you will need to safeguard them from the chemicals and various treatments laid down to kill the pests. Here are some top tips on how to safeguard your pets and keep them safe from harm when you undergo this vital treatment.

How to Safeguard Pets During a Pest Control Treatment

pest control treatment
Pest control is important especially in certain climates

Pests are a threat not only to us humans but also to many animals. These pesky creatures can leave out droppings that may potentially get into our food and make us sick or love to hide in animal fur and painfully feed on them. Whatever these pests do, they can negatively affect us and all those around us, which is why Jason Tan from Empire Pest Control strongly implied seeking professional help before pest issues get out of hand.

If you happen to have pets at home, it’s good to establish a well-thought plan to protect them before you hire a pest company. You surely wouldn’t want your furry friends to be in danger once that happens! Here are some of the best tips you can do to protect your pets during the pest control treatment securely: 

Tip 1: Check What Pest Treatment Solutions Will Be Used 

Many pest control companies utilize solutions that can be toxic and harmful to animals. These products may contain harsh chemicals which can endanger your pets if they ingest, touch or inhale them. So, in order to be sure, you should ask what pest treatments would be used and if they would be safe for your pet. 

If your pest control service provider informs you that it isn’t, it would be best to go for other treatment options such as eco-friendly solutions. Not only is this effective, but it will protect your pet too!

Tip 2: Keep Your Pets Out of The House During Pest Control Treatment 

Our pets are like children; they’re curious about everything that’s going around them and will fiddle with anything they happen to see, which is why it’s best to keep your pets out of the house during pest treatment. They might “play” with the set traps and end up getting hurt. 

In the meantime, let them stay in their dog house or allow them to run around the yard. When night time comes, let them inside and place them in an area away from the pest treatment. 

Tip 3: Inform Your Pest Control Service Provider That You Have a Pet at Home

A lot of exterminators know how to deal with pets when conducting a pest treatment. They’ve gone through intensive training that has helped them determine the proper way of performing the treatment without harming your furry friends. 

If you plan to book a pest control treatment company, then inform them right away about your pets. Knowing that your precious animal is safe will surely give you peace of mind! 

Tip 4: Take Out Any Pest That Gets Caught In Traps 

Pests are filthy creatures full of disease that can affect you and your pet. When they get caught in the set-out traps, be sure to remove them right away. Take them out of your house, and don’t throw them inside your garbage can since your pets may smell them. 

If you fail to do this, your pets may end up fiddling with it or biting it because They’re always curious about everything they can see. You certainly wouldn’t want germs and bacteria transmitted to your furry-friends since this can make them sick. 

Tip 5: Keep a Close Eye on Your Pets

Our pets, particularly dogs, love running around. They like to play, chew and bite anything they can get their hands on, so if you want to safeguard your pets after the pest treatment has been implemented, keep a close eye on them and keep them out of the affected areas. Not only will this ensure their safety, but it’ll also save you some money from going to the vet. 

Our pets can be a handful, but we all know they’re still our companions, and we indeed love them to pieces! This is why if you want the best for them, following these tips above will guarantee you their safety and well-being. The next time you get a pest control treatment, be sure to recheck this guide. You’ll certainly need it! 


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