Pest proofing your home benefits you and your pets

23 Jan, 2021

Pest proofing your home benefits you and your pets

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If you own pets and a property, especially one with land you will have experienced some form of pest. Pest proofing becomes important. Homeowners experience all kinds of pest annoyances from rodents to insects and sometimes even aggressive birds. Here are some suggestions for how to ensure pest proofing your home to minimise any trouble.

How Pest-Proofing Your Home Can Benefit Your Pets

pest proofing
Set up humane traps for rodents, as pest proofing these traps will help you to avoid them entering the home

If you are considering pest-proofing your home, consider all the benefits it offers you and your family. In addition to the obvious benefits for your family, your pets will also benefit. Plan and apply all these tips for around your house. Here are some top tips.

Eradicate disease

It might be surprising, but pest animals can actually spread serious, potentially fatal disease to your pets, be they cats, dogs, or a different pet animal. Among the diseases pest animals may spread to pets, some of the most common are rabies, leptospirosis, tularemia, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever.

When your pets are exposed to these illnesses, they can potentially have health complications, creating serious veterinary expenses, or even death to your beloved pets. Finally, if your pets contract a disease from a pest animal, they could even spread it to you and your family. Learn more about common wildlife pests and the diseases they carry.

Pest proofing to minimise annoyances

Your pets are wired to be aggressive to most pest animals that could get into your home. This can cause some serious annoyances and distractions for your pets. If you have a dog, you may hear barking and whining, as your pet will probably be able to smell the pest and maybe even corner it.

If you have a cat, it will likely sit in a position for hours on end waiting for a mouse or rat to show itself. This can seriously get on a pet owner’s nerves, as your pets will be only focused on pests.

Pest Proofing your property

One of the most important things to realize about pest proofing is the number of ways in which you can prevent animals from getting into your home. Since there are so many techniques, it will all be broken into chunks, so continue reading to find out more on how to pestproof whether it is in your home space, basement or crawl space.

pes proofing
Consider bird netting to prevent damage from flocks of birds

Seal-up any cracks

The best way to begin pest-proofing your home is to first inspect the interior and exterior of your home. Check the foundation, the soffit and fascia, the roof, and any of your interior walls for any holes, gaps, or cracks. If you find any of these problem areas, be sure to seal them up with an all-weather sealant, aluminum sheet metal, or some steel wool.

Pest proofing for common bird problems

When flocks of birds begin landing around or even on your house you will likely find droppings everywhere. There are a couple of ways to prevent from landing in large numbers. Bird netting is an excellent way to keep birds away from your home. Bird spikes are also an option, as they prevent birds from landing.

Clean Up Your Yard

One of the main reasons pests come into people’s homes is actually that their yard is attractive to the critters. The best way to reduce your yard appeal is to get rid of easy food sources and places of shelter.

Final thoughts on pest proofing to protect homes and property

Clean up any tall grass and weeds, debris, and woodpiles located on your property. And as a result, you must always make sure your garbage and pet food is sealed up and locked away. This gets rid of any potential easy food sources for such pests.

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