Pets at home and keeping their supplies organised

18 May, 2020

Pets at home and keeping their supplies organised

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As every pet owner knows with pets at home comes the gradual accumulation of pet supplies and toys and bedding or living accessories. So how can you keep on top of this stream of materials that you simply have when you have pets at home? Simple… plan and organise and keep everything in its place if you can. here are some top tips.

Keeping pets at home needs organisation of their things

Without a doubt if you have any pets at home you will know what we mean when we say their accessories grow in size and number. Whether you have one or more pets you will need food, sometimes more than one type for different types of pets, medication, bedding, toys and the list goes on. The first tip is get organised if you can in the living space you share with the pets.

pets at home
Keeping your pets things organise becomes critical with several pets at home

Organize Pet Supplies

We know that it’s not always easy to keep everything organized in your home, especially if you live with pets or kids. This goes for every area, including the kitchen, so if you’ve been looking at new kitchen tools and found some affordable models that you want to buy, you are probably thinking about reorganizing everything.

However, any pet owner knows that many items used for the little furry friend can also get in the way, so if you are in the process of decluttering your home, the following tips and tricks are probably going to come in handy.

Pets are adorable, and they can definitely make our lives better, but, oftentimes, the objects that we use for them can become somewhat annoying. The good part is that there are multiple solutions to this.

Dog toys can add up over time and get strewn around the floor

Toys & Grooming Items

Many pups love dragging their toys around the house. This is why keeping them organized can prove to be a challenge. However, you can solve this quite easily by placing a special basket for them in each room of the house. It doesn’t need to be a large one, but this depends on the number of toys as well, of course.

Keep up tidying routines

If you go for this approach, at the end of the day, you can simply throw them into the basket and thus declutter the floor. Then there’s less chance to trip over toys, in case you want to walk around the house during the night. Plus, your dog is probably going to take them out of the basket itself the next day.

Apart from toys, when you have pets at home you may also have grooming items, especially if you enjoy giving your pet a bath from time to time. These can be kept in the bathroom, or near the place where your dog gets bathed in. A bin placed under the sink works great to store any shampoo or product that you use for your dog’s grooming sessions.

Inside or outside?

If you brush your dog outside, then any items for this activity can be placed in a basket near the entrance. Keeping them hand near the back door if you have a garden means they’re to hand when it’s time. It’s always better to brush your dog outside if this is an option.

pets at home
Managing the food for multiple pets is fun. Routines help!

Food Storage

Storing the food can be a delicate matter, simply because the product has a strong smell and that can attract critters. With pets at home you should opt for a plastic bin in which to store the food, as this solution comes with many benefits. You won’t have to deal with worrying that other animals might be attracted to it. And it keeps the food fresh for a longer period.

Plus, depending on the bin model you choose, it could take up less space than a large dog food bag. You can also deposit the food in multiple smaller plastic bins, but this depends on how much storage space you have available. However, they may be easier to handle.

Don’t forget the treats too

The same goes for treats as well. If you can get air-tight jars to store them, they will remain fresh for longer. Then you can keep them in various spots for them around the house. Whenever you want to give the little guy a treat, jars are easy to handle and convenient. What is more, you can place them in various rooms.

pets at home
Keep pet foods in containers to save space and keep them fresh

Pet accessories

While food and toys for pets at home do take up a lot of space, there are other accessories to consider. Leashes and collars can get in your way if they are laying around the house with no designated spot. These should be kept near the entrance of your home. This way they are within reach when you want to take your dog out for a walk.

Another important accessory to consider is a custom dog bandana from 4inbandana, which not only adds a fashionable touch to your furry friend’s wardrobe but also serves as a practical accessory to keep them cool and clean during outdoor activities. 

It’s a good idea to place a basket for them somewhere easily accessible. That way it can also hold any coat, bandana or other items that you might be using when taking the dog out for a walk.

The trick to keeping everything organized is to make sure that you always place them in the right spot after each use. This way, your home won’t be cluttered. More importantly you will be able to enjoy the time with your pet without any concern.

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Keeping pets at home with pet sitters

If you are keeping pets at home with petsitters looking after them then getting organised is especially key. Having live in petsitters can be a huge help especially if you travel away from home. Keeping your pet things organised is super useful too when you have sitters in to care for your precious fur family.


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