Pet friendly homes – What to look for

24 May, 2022

Pet friendly homes – What to look for

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Moving house can be a real challenge for anyone. Pet owners find this more than most. You will need to consider all the pet friendly guidelines people offer and your research suggests. Here are some top tips of what to look for in the new home for you and your family pets.

Finding a pet-friendly home – What to look for

healthy lawn
Large dogs can be a worry – You will need a good outdoor space

When you have a pet, buying a home isn’t just about your needs but your furry friend’s as well. If your pets are a big part of your life, you’re going to want to think about them before committing to a new place. But what exactly does your pet need in a house? While most animals will be happy as long as they’re with their owners, here are a few things to consider before you buy a house:

Most pets love outdoor space

Many homes for sale in Houston come with generous gardens, which is a big bonus for cat and dog owners. If you’re concerned about your pet escaping, you can always put measures in place to keep them secure. This could mean installing an enclosure for an indoor cat or putting up higher fences for bigger dogs. Always check whether your garden is shared or belongs to you alone, as all your neighbors may not love the idea of animals digging up their flower beds.

Neighborhood attitudes to animals

Some neighborhoods are pet-friendly, with some even having dog parks and special areas where pet owners can meet up and chat. Other neighborhoods frown upon animals and may not take kindly to your dog barking throughout the day. Ask your real estate agent about whether the local area you’re considering has a positive attitude towards pets and whether they can recommend a better place if not. 

Think of pet safety

pet friendly
For multiple pets you need to consider many aspects and all their needs

Is your pet getting older? If you have a dog that struggles with stairs or a cat that can’t see as well as it used to, it’s important that your home has accommodations for them. For example, your tired pooch should have a warm, comfortable area downstairs that he can easily access, while your elderly cat might enjoy an enclosed cupboard all to itself. Animals can easily become injured if they’re struggling to navigate environments that aren’t suited to them.

Practical flooring

While your home’s floors can be changed once you move in, if a place comes with durable floors, it can make moving in a much smoother process with pets. Ideally, you want to choose floors that won’t scratch too easily and aren’t very slippery for your pet’s paws. Good materials include vinyl, cork, tile, and bamboo. Floors should also be easy to clean, so think twice about buying a house with carpets everywhere, or invest in a powerful vacuum and some specialist cleaning products. 

Pet space

outdoor cat
Some pets naturally spend time outdoors and need access

If you have a large dog or a couple of temperamental cats, it’s important to give them the space they need to relax. A house immediately seems smaller when you have pets, especially if you’re always tripping over one another. Not only will you feel like you don’t have enough room, but your pets may be more bothered by a small house than they let on. While giving your pets an entire room to themselves may be extravagant, make sure your home is spacious enough to keep everyone happy.

Pet friendly home – In essence

Buying a house with pets has its difficulties. However, but it’s still much easier than finding a rental home that allows pets. So making the decision to buy a home with your furry friends the right one. You just have to look for these key features to make your move a comfortable and safe one for both you and your family pets.



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