Pet Memory Perles

30 Mar, 2018

Pet Memory Perles

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A pet memory can provoke profound emotions. When pets pass over the rainbow bridge whether at a young age or in mature years their souvenirs are treasured. Photographs and family films all help us to remember the character and personality of the animal. Many of our members at HouseSitMatch tell us about pets we have known and helped through our petsitting matches, especially once they have passed; we know you miss them dearly. One of our homeowner members has created Memory Perles as a way to help others treasure a pet memory, with hair or ash encased in beautiful glass beads. Read about her journey and how she helps others to treasure the memory of lost pets.

Pet memory perles

Pet memory Bead of Ryan and Nell Susan’s Dogs

Susan has always loved and owned dogs among other animals, wherever she has lived in England and now in France. One particular dog Ryan was sorely missed when he passed a few years ago, that’s how she was introduced to souvenir glass beads. Now she helps others treasure their pet memory when a loved one passes.

pet memory
Ryan and Nell two of Susan’s dogs and her pet memory bead


Beautiful glass beads made bespoke for each pet memory

Today Susan is able to help many pet owners all over the world remember their treasured pets by making beautiful pieces of glass jewellery that owners can wear. Each glass beads has a small amount of pet hair or ash at the heart of its structure. No two beads are alike, each is utterly unique with a deep resonant core of  contrasting bright and darkened glass.

pet memory
Examples of glass pet souvenirs prepared with wearable jewellry clasps

Made in France with a Pet Lover’s Aesthetic

Working from her studio based in Seine et Marne in France Susan is able to focus entirely on her business and her animals. She currently has four rescue dogs and 12 hens in a rural idyll near the historic market town of Coulommier.


The range of shapes and colours of pet memory beads to be made in glass is as broad as the colour spectrum. Here are some of the most popular colours.

If you are interested in finding out more about about Susan’s Pet Memory Perles follow THIS LINK.


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