Pet needs – How can you ensure your pet’s comfort?

30 Aug, 2020

Pet needs – How can you ensure your pet’s comfort?

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As every pet owner knows it is essential to meet your pet needs by ensuring feeding and exercise routines. But how do you ensure their comfort? Here are some top tips to help you ensure the comfort and happiness of your furry friends.

Meet your pet needs to help them feel comfortable

Domestic animals are an amazing gift from nature to man. When you have a cat or a dog around, loneliness might not be a word present in your dictionary. Apart from the companionship, pets also cheer you up as a parent and add some warmth to your home.

Keeping a dog, cat, or fish is also a huge undertaking, which makes you more responsible over time. You need to routinely meet your pet needs to keep them healthy and happy.

If you have a pooch for a pet, you also need to walk him regularly, which doubles up as your own motivation to exercise. Plus, you never know, you could also make new friends or meet the love of your life from one of those few walks in the park with your dog.

pet needs
Choosing the right cushion for your dog is important

To get these benefits, however, your pet has to feel comfortable in your home and around you. They also need to feel loved and appreciated. In this article, we’ll be exploring a few things that will help your pet to feel comfortable with.

1. Free Territory

Most animals love exploring, especially dogs and cats. Whether you are keeping your pet indoors or outdoors, ensure that you allow them maximum freedom to stroll around. Restricting your cat or dog may make them uncomfortable, and it can get them stressed out.

If you live with your pet indoors, allow them to move around. Ensure you clear out all hazardous items like plastic papers, scissors, or falling objects. This will keep your pet happy, free, and homely.

2. Clean Resting Place 

Proper hygiene will always keep the diseases associated with dirt at bay. If your pet dog is living outdoors, ensure you have a spacious, waterproof cage where he can move around and stretch. To ensure maximum comfort for your pooch outdoors, there’s a wide range of igloo houses for dogs as well as beds you can choose from.

The canine’s resting place should also be well lit and ventilated with warm, clean beddings. Clean the cage often to keep away bugs. If your pet is indoors, you can get a box or crate and stuff it with soft pillows to help keep him warm and cozy. Keep it in an accessible place where the pet can jump in and catch a nap at its own time.

Creating a clean resting place is important for most pets, and counts as an important part of meeting pet needs

3. Enough Water

Water is life. It’s one of the most important nutrients every animal and human being needs to keep alive. Ensuring that your pet gets enough water will keep the furry friend hydrated and healthy. Water will keep the body temperatures regulated, help in eliminating waste, reduce constipation, and keep the joints lubricated.

Always keep a bowl of fresh, clean water where your pet can access, anytime they get thirst pangs. If your pet is drinking too much or too little water, however, it’s best to consult a vet as soon as possible because there might be a serious underlying condition.

4. Good Nutrition

Responsible pet ownership comes essential routines for their care and comfort. A well-balanced diet will keep your pet happy, boost the immune system, and improve its general health. Good pet nutrition will provide the animal with the energy they need to jump around, thus keeping them fit.

Combine the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals in your pet’s serving. Ask your vet for a nutritional plan and the correct portions to give your pet. Always give your animal the appropriate fresh food and throw away leftover food from the feeding bowl.

5. Vaccination

Owning a pet is a beautiful and exciting adventure. However, nobody wants to see their furry friend sick. Vaccinating your pet is one vital way of keeping him or her healthy and comfortable. Pet jabs cannot be overlooked because they not only boost immunity, but they also help in creating defensive antibodies against communicable diseases.

Vaccinations will prevent your cat or dog from catching and spreading diseases like rabies, hepatitis, and many other life-threatening diseases. Consult your veterinary on the vaccination plan to ensure your pet is adequately covered.

6. Routine Vet Checkups

A sick animal cannot be comfortable, even if it’s just a mere limping of the foot. Ensure you visit your vet regularly for preventive vaccines and wellness examinations. Whether fever or watery eyes, never ignore apparent symptoms that your pet could be unwell. To ensure his comfort, always be mindful of your pet’s health if you can to ensure proper pet care.

Animals can’t hide their relaxed demeanour

How to find pet sitters for when you travel

find pet sitters
Using a trusted housesitting and petsitting network you can connect with pet lovers who will pet sit for free

Depending on the kind of pet you have you will need to find a petsitter who will be caring and attentive. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in our Housesitmatch network. However, we have many other pets that we care for including smaller pets like rabbits, and pocket pets like guinea pigs.

Petsitting and housesitting abroad

We also have horses and donkeys in our network that need love and attention when their owners go away on holiday or business trips. Some of these pets are in properties in the UK where we as a company are based. Yet we have many other pets to care for abroad in housesitting assignments all over the world.

Pet sitters in holiday homes with pets

Find pet sitters well ahead of your trip then you and your pet can relax and enjoy the break

If you have a holiday home abroad where you keep your pets, we can also find pet sitters to help you, no matter where the home. Our housesitting and petsitting network is global with pet lovers and experienced petsitters all over to help you.

At Housesitmatch we can help you to find pet sitters who will travel to your home at their expense. They will live on your property while looking after your pet and pay for their own upkeep. It is a very affordable collaboration that benefits both you and the pet housesitter.

Meeting pet needs in summary

Finally, exercising your animal regularly is key for his mental and physical well-being. Exercises will keep them relaxed, fit, and boost his general health. Confining your animal indoors is not only inhumane, but it can also be tormenting. After all, dogs and cats are playful; they need to run, jump, and have some fresh air.

Ensure you take your pet for a walk or a hike once in a while. Keep your pet engaged physically, play a game of catch with some toys or ball. This will help in maintaining healthy body weight, strong bones, joints, and reduces the risks of obesity. As far as your pet’s comfort is concerned, the above few tips should cut it.


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