Pet needs medical attention in your absence?

11 May, 2022

Pet needs medical attention in your absence?

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If you are away from home when your pet needs medical attention, it can be a real worry. Of course having a house and petsitter at home can be a comfort and a great help as they are on site. Here are some useful points to help you the pet owner prepare for such an event.

What if your pet needs medical attention in your absence?

pet needs medical care
Make sure your vet’s surgery knows you are away and have a petsitter who might need them

Pets are loving, faithful, and adorable creatures. They stay beside their owner and protect them while returning the affection that they receive. Many hearts will surely melt by having them around.  

However, pets are not allowed to enter some establishments for understandable reasons. As much as someone would want their pet with them at all times, that cannot be possible. As understandable as it may be, leaving your pet at home may put their lives at risk, especially if they suddenly require medical attention. 

Check out these tips to ensure that your pet receives critical medical attention when you’re away:

Contact your trusted veterinary clinic

Like humans, pets have a life that needs utmost care. To promptly receive what their body needs to keep them healthy, a guide from a veterinarian can come in handy. 

Veterinarians are the medical doctors for animals. They diagnose and treat potential pet disorders and provide advice to their owners to help pets’ wellness. Consider choosing a veterinary institution trusted for its years of quality service to pet health care and near your place if possible. Take Bond Vet as an example; they are a veterinary institution that expanded its base of operations after years of credible service. You can check Bond Vet Animal Hospital locations or near your place for assistance. 

In times of emergency, veterinary clinics and hospitals can be your pet’s life-saver. You can contact them if your neighbor tells you that something terrible happened to your pet through a phone call. Also, suppose your pet has a medical history. In that case, you may consider letting your pet stay under their care before you leave so that once your pet shows symptoms indicating that they need medical attention, the veterinary personnel can treat them on the spot.  

Consider reaching out to your veterinarian from time to time. Ask what your pet’s condition is and what are the reasons why your pet suddenly requires medical attention. Keep their diagnoses in mind to prevent those that you and your pet can avoid.

Return home

Pets have feelings like humans. They can feel happy or sad depending on the situation. During hardships, like your pet hanging for its life, they need support from the ones they love, including you.  

Consider returning home as soon as possible to guarantee your pet that you’re there by their side. Your presence can make your pet calm and happy, which can help them recover fast.

Ask someone you know to watch over your pet’s condition

pet needs medical care
Make sure all your pet’s papers are available to both sitter and your vet’s surgery

If you find out that your pet’s health is in danger, but you cannot return home because you’re stranded, you may consider letting someone you know keep a good eye on your pet’s condition. It can be a good friend or a relative that your pet is comfortable with. Their presence can provide emotional support to your pet, and they can tell you their current condition. They can ensure that your pet is well-fed and is treated well by veterinary personnel. 

Their response to your pet’s condition is sooner if you let them take care of your pet while you’re away. You may be leaving home because of some commitments you need to make, but leaving your pets at home can make them lonely, which would lead to sudden illnesses.

Contact your Pet Insurance company

Pet insurance covers their members’ medical expenses. It can be helpful, especially in emergencies like this. You may not have been able to save enough budget to pay for your pet’s medical bills. Consider contacting your pet insurance instead to let them take over. 

Verify your veterinary clinic’s network status with the insurance. Also, ask your insurer about your plan’s current balance and their coverage for the medical services your pet needs. Identify if you have met your insurance premium to project how much money you need to raise to cover your pet’s medical bills alongside the help of your insurance. 

To avoid delays and potential denials once you or your veterinarian send a medical claim, determine the timely filing date for the service and other requirements that you and your provider need to submit alongside the claim form. Then, inform your veterinarian so that you can prepare these documents in advance.

When your pet needs medical attention

Pets are lovable animals that are socially dependable to their owners. They may get too lonely while you’re away, leading them to suffer sudden illnesses that require medical attention. Consider returning home as soon as you can while reaching out to people who can immediately treat your pet’s condition.

Prepare for your trip by finding an experienced pet housesitter

And finally, always make sure your pet house sitter is experienced or that you have pet insurance that covers care while you are away from home. Prepare an information pack about your pets to brief your sitter. Make sure the pet house sitter has the number of your veterinary surgeon in case of any emergencies. This is in the unlikely event that may arise while you are away from home. It’s best to be prepared, for your animals’ sake.

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