Pet owner buying property – Top Tips

5 Apr, 2022

Pet owner buying property – Top Tips

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All over the world pet owners worry when they move house. Often when we are looking for a property we think of the human occupants first and the pets come after. Here are some top tips to help you as a pet owner buying property, to help you make the right choice for all the family. Read on to learn more.

Tips for Buying Property as a Pet Owner

pet owner buying property
We need to remember our pets when looking for the right property to buy

As an animal lover, you may want to make sure that the building you live in is suitable for pets.  We always think first about the human occupants, but we need to remember the pets. Before deciding on where you may move to, you might want to consider these tips.

They could help to make your residence that much more pet-friendly place to live. This can include aspects dedicated to their enjoyment, as well as some safety hazards that you may not have previously considered. In doing so, you may be able to maximize their happiness, even alongside the stress that can come with moving home.

What do you need in a new property for a pet

There might be a number of requirements that you have as a pet owner buying property, or you think that your pet might enjoy. Alongside this, you and your family may also have needs that should be met. One of the ways that you might be able to tick all of these boxes can be to gain professional support from those in the buying and selling industry.

Compass Real Estate could help you to find properties that meet your criteria, or those that come incredibly close to doing so.

At the same time, they may also be able to help you to get the most out of your current home, including getting it ready for sale and liaising with potential buyers. When you have so much to do in your life, and look after your animals, it can be useful to have someone else doing the majority of the research for you.

Property location

As a pet owner buying property consider the priorities for all the occupants of your home, including the pets

You may want to be close to the shops, but this could negatively impact your pet. Living near a busy road can lead to an excessive amount of noise pollution. Even if you may not be able to hear it, your pet might. Likewise, cats and other outdoor animals could be in danger from a large amount of traffic. You may want to consider living further away from built-up, busy areas for their comfort and wellbeing.

Dog owners buying property

large dog playing on a lawn
Large dogs usually need access to a good sized garden or park nearby

Many dog owners dream of having a large backyard that their canine friends can frolic about in. Having a park nearby could be just as important. As a pet owner buying property, you might want to do your research into the plants that are already established there.

A number of plants found in American gardens can be incredibly poisonous for dogs.  These could cause stomach problems, drooling, seizures, breathing difficulties, and even death. Therefore, you might either want to avoid purchasing the property or not allow your dog outside until the offending plant has been fully removed.

Final thoughts for a pet owner buying property

Looking after your pets can include giving them a safe, comfortable place to live. When buying a new home, you may want to consider how this change can affect your animal, as well as the hazards that may exist. While certain hazards may not stop you from making that purchase, you might need to take steps to ensure their safety.

This way, as a pet owner buying property you and your animal can continue living happily together, without needing to compromise on their safety or your family’s own enjoyment and welfare.


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