Pet owner gifts – Top ideas

1 Apr, 2022

Pet owner gifts – Top ideas

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If you know a pet owner but struggle to find just the right gift for them, read on. In this article we offer you some of the top pet owner gifts to consider for your friend.

Best Gift Ideas For A Pet Owner

pet owner gifts
Consider the pet when you are thinking about pet owner gifts

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Pet owners often have different requirements when it comes to gifts. Indeed, they need to consider whether a gift is going to be safe for their pets — and whether it is going to be safe around pets too! Ultimately, pet proofing the property is a priority, which is why you need to be careful if you wish to surprise a pet owner with a thoughtful gift:

  • Make sure the gift will not put the pet at risk in any way
  • Make sure it is a gift that can’t be easily damaged by boisterous or young pets

Here are some ideas to get you started on y our quest for the best gift for a pet owner. Remember: the gift doesn’t need to be all about the pet. If you wish to buy something thoughtful for a friend’s birthday, it’s important to buy the gift for them and not for their puppy. But knowing they have a puppy will influence your choice. 

Jewellery pieces that don’t hang

Puppies and kittens are naturally playful. They are likely to try to play and catch loose pieces, such as hanging pendants or earrings. So, if you wish to buy jewellery for a friend or a relative, try to focus on pieces that are unlikely to get caught up by little paws and claws. You can, for instance, consider luxury watches on WatchBox or a cute silver brooch. Chain bracelets and necklaces are also a suitable option if they have a tight fitting. 

Pet-safe houseplants

Houseplants can make a stylish and excellent gift. However, you will need to consider plants that are non-toxic to animals. A banana tree, for example, is a great addition to the living room. It makes a dramatic statement in a large space and is safe even if pets ingest the leaves. On the other hand, the typical weeping fig tree can be harmful if ingested. 

If you prefer something more exotic, the Venus flytrap is a fun carnivorous plant that gets rid of flies and small bugs inside the home. It is completely non-toxic and harmless to kittens and puppies. 

Plants can be a tricky gift. Research pet safe options before you buy

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A smart home hub

If your friend already has a smart home solution, they will love smart home tech for their pets. Yes I know. It’s one of the ultimate pet owner gifts! Admittedly, while the gift benefits the pet, the pet owner will find a lot of joy in it as well. A smart feeder, for example, can help pet owners relax when they work late at the office. They don’t need to worry about missing feeding time! Another neat addition to the life of pet owners is the smart litterbox that cleans after itself. This can be an excellent idea for pet owners who recently have had a baby, as they might feel overwhelmed! The smart litter box can take care of some of the house chores on their behalf. 

Can I send something edible?

Ideally, you want to be able to send a delicious cake to your friend. But, if you are concerned about pets, it’s a good idea to reach out to specialist bakers and confectioners and discuss your worries. Many can provide solid boxes that will protect the goods and act as safe storage solutions, so pets can’t get hold of those delicious but toxic chocolates!

Pet owner gifts are fun to choose

Hopefully, these few tips can help you find ideas for a special birthday for a friend or a relative. Pet-safe gifts can make a huge difference, and they’re a great way of showing you care!



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