Pet owners top tips – How to keep a happy cat

16 Jun, 2020

Pet owners top tips – How to keep a happy cat

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As a pet owner you may have long understood the psychology of your dog or cat. However, many pet owners and cat owners especially struggle especially at the beginning of their relationship with the pet to ensure they really understand how to keep their pet well and happy. Here are some top tips for how to keep a happy cat.

Top Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy

happy cat
There are some easy top tips to keeping your cat happy

It is said that cats pick their human companions and not the other way around, so if a kitty follows you home, it means it trusts you enough to turn your place into its forever playground. That being said, it is your holy duty to look after the said kitty and make its life easier by showering it with love, affection, and goodies.

We all know how demanding felines can get, and here are some easy ways to keep its majesty happy. Don’t forget to max out on your credit card and give your pet enough room to breathe (bonus points if you move to the basement and turn your entire house into a big cat playground).


Premium foods lead to a healthy, happy cat

Feeding tips

Choosing the right food for your cat should be one of your main concerns as some animals can be extremely picky. If you raised your animal well, you will have to drop hundreds of dollars per month just to keep up with its gourmet tastes.

Tuna steaks, salmon, any other type of fish or seafood, quality poultry, and game meat should be part of your pet’s daily diet. Keep in mind that felines are carnivorous animals, so their stomachs are not meant to break down enzymes from vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Getting the right cat food is important

Be mindful of these easy pit falls

Therefore, avoid feeding your cat anything but quality meat ingredients. Another good tip is to stay away from any cat foods that contain corn, soy, or other sources of carbs that bring zero nutritional value.

Remember that cats are also natural predators so you should stimulate your pet’s hunting instincts but only on its terms. That being said, your cat will only hunt when it feels like. So there is no reason to keep that food bowl empty hoping it will get you rid of pests around the house.

Kitties can also indulge in milk but don’t go the extra lengths to find organic goat milk harvested from high-tech machines, perfect for goats. Any type of animal milk would do. Get in the right feeding habits to ensure a happy cat.


Toys are a cat’s best friends

happy cat
Many cats love toys – find the ones to entertain your cat

Your kitty will not pay any interest in diamonds or expensive jewelry but will certainly be mesmerized by toys. Anything flashy, moving, big, or small will catch its attention, so make sure it has enough options to choose from.

Cats are also notorious climbers and contortionists so even the smallest boxes will become a challenge for your pets to fit in. Apart from boxes, lasers and literally anything else that moves or makes sounds will become an interesting toy for your pet.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about curious animals, so some of these toys will not only spark their interest but will also help them develop their reflexes, brains, and mobility.

Don’t interfere with the cat’s resting hours

Felines can sleep for up to 20 hours a day, which means you will have a limited window to show your affection for your pet, in-between potty breaks and meals. It is important to train the animal to follow a schedule, especially when it comes to eating hours, to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet that won’t cause them to become overweight or obese.

Don’t interfere with your cat’s sleeping habits

In other words, find enough time to spend with your pet cat but only when it wants it. Don’t interrupt the animal while eating, hunting, or simply resting, as there might be scratches, spits, and stares involved.

If your pet is in cuddles or petting mode, leave everything beside and fulfil its needs. Remember that your sole purpose is to serve and provide for your pet.

Quality time can help ensure a happy cat

Jokes aside, it is also important to spend quality time together, cuddling with your pet whenever you have the chance, playing with it, and grooming it. Cats might not like water or baths but they will appreciate having their fur stroked and combed with a soft brush.

Another way to ensure your pet is having the time of its life is to simply spend time in the same room. Whether you’re working, playing, taking a nap, or watching your favorite TV show, chances are your feline will be up for a quiet night of Netflix & chill beside you.

Regular checkups and visits to the vet

Last but not least, a happy cat is a healthy cat. Apart from looking after the animal’s diet, make sure it has all its shots and anti-flea treatments.

Bring the pet for a full checkup to the vet at least once a year and provide the necessary treatment in case of any disease, condition, or discomfort.




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