Pet snakes top tips – Safety first with an exotic pet

16 Sep, 2021

Pet snakes top tips – Safety first with an exotic pet

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If you are an exotic pet owner you may already have a snake. Pet snakes are a select choice, and some people really enjoy keeping them. Some are friendly pet snakes. It might surprise you to learn that they can be great for kids and adults alike. However, there is a lot to know about these creatures before you bring one into your home. In this article, we will go over some safety tips that every snake owner needs to know!

Safety tips that you should know if you want pet snakes

pet snakes
Pet snakes need deft handling and pet minding like other pets

Keeping exotic pets is a responsibility

Before you become and exotic pet owner or exotic pet sitter read this

Be sure to research your pet snake before you get one!

You might be tempted to get a snake as a pet, especially if you like exotic pets. However, before bringing one home it is important that you do your research on each type available to you.

Study their nature and habits

Be sure to study their dietary requirements and personality types, yes, as many an exotic pet sitter and pet owner will tell you they have personalities! This will help keep them healthy inside the house while keeping everyone happy! Pets are not just for kids either, many adults enjoy having pets too!

pet snake
You need to know how to handle your pet snake

Understand their genus

There are over 3000 different types of pet snakes in existence. You’ll want to pick out which would fit best with your lifestyle so they can live happily in your home under your protection without any issues down the road!

Two’s company

Snakes as pet should never be kept as ‘pets’ alone either because this isn’t fair to the animal. If you must have one pet snake, make sure you get at least two pet snakes so they can keep each other company!

Top Tips for the safety of your pet snakes

1. Make sure your pet snakes exotic pet cage is big enough for them to move in!

Pet snakes are not like pet mice or pet hamsters. Snakes need a lot of space to move around in, so it is very important that you get them the right sized cage for their specific species! If the snake’s habitat doesn’t allow him/her enough space then they could become very stressed out and even start injuring themselves! 

It’s also just common courtesy to keep your pet healthy inside his home too. Did you ever wonder how far can a snake jump, or do snakes jump at all? When keeping pet snakes indoors make sure there aren’t any holes or cracks where he can escape through either. These tips will help ensure an overall happier life for both you and the pet snake together!

2. Always handle your snake with gloves on. Never pick it up by its tail!

Another snake safety tip is to always handle them with gloves on. Snakes are very sensitive creatures, so they don’t like being pet or handled by strangers without any protection! 

You should also never pick up your pet snake by the tail because this can injure them and stress out their bodies too much. Instead, you should hold him/her up close to your body when picking them up since snakes feel more secure while higher off of the ground! These tips will go a long way in ensuring that both you and your pet snake remain happy together for many years!

3. Monitor the temperature of the room where they live

Snakes are cold-blooded creatures, which means they need a specific type of environment to stay comfortable. They cannot live in high temperatures or low temperatures because this is very bad for their health! Always make sure you invest in pet snake heating lamps and pet snake beds before bringing them home so that both he/she can be warm enough at all times. 

In general, and however challenging your pet snakes should always have access to the great outdoors when it’s not too hot outside either. This will ensure your pet snake has plenty of space to move around inside his habitat while staying healthy throughout the years!

pet snakes
Manage their time outdoors very carefully

4. Feed them three times a week. Ensure they are not too hungry or too full at feeding time!

Just like pet dogs and pet cats, exotic pets need to eat! Make sure you are always feeding them three times a week but never feed them too much. If they are not hungry then it is very bad for their digestive system if you overfeed them with food that could rot inside of him/her instead. 

It’s also good practice to only feed your snake fresh mice or rats every time because these types of prey items have more nutrients in general than some other options out there on the market today! These tips will go a long way in ensuring both of your happiness living together under the same roof as pet snake owners!

5. Give pet snakes fresh water every day

One safety tip that you need to know is that they drink fresh water every day. They cannot survive without drinking fresh, clean water on a daily basis because this will help them digest their food properly inside of his/her stomach instead of rotting away inside the body too long! 

Make sure there are always pet food bowls full of both mice and rats nearby for your pet snake to feed upon when he/she feels hungry after eating too. This way, it’ll be easy to meet all of your pets’ needs while keeping them safe from any future injuries down the road too!

A final thought on making safety a priority with exotic pets

Taking note of these tips will go a long way in ensuring happiness between your and your snake! Now that you know some safety tips about having and handling pet snakes, go ahead and do more research on each type available before bringing one home with you! And when you become an exotic pet owner make sure you keep up those safety standards. It’s important for you and the snake.

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