Pets joint pain – 7 treatments to consider

19 Nov, 2020

Pets joint pain – 7 treatments to consider

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Every pet owner who finds their beloved animal in pain worries about how to help to relieve that pain. Join pain can be difficult to spot at first and sometimes there is little to be done to help the animal. However, before you give up consider these options for relieving pets joint pain.

pets joint pain
Treatments can work for pets joint pain

7 Different Options To Help With Your Pet’s Joint Pain

Seeing your pet experience joint pain is difficult. The first sign of this is that you may notice that your pet becomes reserved and less mobile than they used to be, making you feel helpless. 

Fortunately, there are ways that you can help alleviate joint pain. But you have to be certain that the method you use doesn’t come with negative side effects. Otherwise, it’ll defeat the purpose of healing your pet. 

Here are seven different options to help with your pet’s joint pain.

Pet supplements

You can try giving your pet supplements. Supplements are appreciated for their possible anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce the swelling that encourages joint pain. 

Supplements, particularly if these are naturally based, may alleviate the throbbing and aching that’s experienced by your pet. On the other hand, do note that supplements that contain chemicals may cause your pet to react, making the condition worse.

Massage to ease pets joint pain

You can massage the areas that make your pet uncomfortable. You can facilitate these massages by using natural products such as vet recommended hemp oil, which is appreciated for its possible anti-inflammatory components when massaged into the joints. 

CBD oil is extracted from the Cannabinoid plant and doesn’t contain the psychoactive component that’s responsible for the high effect. You can apply a few drops onto your hands and gently rub into the joints while cuddling your pet. 

Currently, there are no official recommendations regarding CBD oil dosages. This is why it’s important to consult a vet before including CBD oil as a part of your treatment strategy. A vet can determine dosage and frequency based on your pet’s medical history and current health condition.

Heat Pad

Applying heat to aching joints is a soothing natural method that may reduce swelling. You can gently apply a heating pad to the swollen and aching joints while you cuddle your pet. 

To avoid scalding, you must ensure that the heat pad isn’t too hot for your pet. Observing your pet’s reaction will indicate whether they’re comfortable with the temperature.


Exercise is important for your pet’s general wellness. In terms of joint pain, being mobile encourages blood flow that’s required for oxygen to reach the swollen areas. 

You can introduce gentle exercises such as walking in nature, enjoying a day at the park, and playing games in your home that encourages mobility. Make sure not to over-do the exercises as this can cause further damage to the joints.

Control weight to manage joint pain

In some cases, joint pain is caused by the weight of your pet. You should consult with your vet about your pet’s weight to see if this needs any controlling. 

One of the reasons that your pet may gain weight that causes joint pain is the type of snacks that they frequently enjoy. If your pet snacks on small meals throughout the day, weight may be a problem. 

As an alternative, you can give your dog chewable snacks that last for long periods and are made from natural products. These types of snacks are healthy and will promote your pet’s health.

Soft bedding

Soft bedding is a great idea for most pets.

You can help your pet get comfortable by providing clean and soft bedding for them to rest on. The cushioning effect of the bedding from the hard and cold floor may alleviate the discomfort. 

Also, you should try to make the sleeping space as comfortable as possible so that the pain doesn’t get worse. 

Pet grooming

When your pet is uncomfortable, a soothing grooming session can help alleviate the pain that they experience. You can schedule your pet for a grooming session where they can enjoy a bath, a haircut, a massage, and the general pampering that comes with grooming. 

You can continue the pampering at home by brushing your pet and making sure that their surroundings will distract them from the pain.

Sometimes you need professional help


There are different ways that you can help your pet’s joint pain. Some of the methods that you can try are giving supplements, massaging by using natural products, applying heat pads, controlling the weight by providing healthy snacks, providing soft bedding, introducing gentle exercises, and grooming.

Make sure to consult your vet before implementing any pain alleviation strategies that you may be unsure of. If you’re going to give your pet supplements, for instance, you must make sure that these are recommended by the vet as not all supplements will compliment your pet’s health. You should continue to monitor your pet’s condition and be sure to visit your vet if you realize that the condition is worsening.


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