Petsitter profile – How to add huge value

4 May, 2018

Petsitter profile – How to add huge value

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If you’re looking to become a housesitter or petsitter and want to add some instant credibility to your profile then you may want to consider the following information when creating a petsitter profile. As a professional pet lover and a professional running a pet business I always think about how I can add value to my service through the pet. Ever thought about Pet First Aid Certification? Here’s how I came to consider it crucial to my involvement in caring for other people’s pets and animals.

petsitter profile
I always think about the animal and how I can add value

Building a Petsitter profile

Without actually starting with a Petsitter profile online I ran a dog walking/pet sitting business for several years. And after initially being contacted by a potential client I would arrange to make a home visit to ascertain the client’s needs and fill in the relevant paperwork. Then I began to consider the benefits of building a profile, a Petsitter profile and what would be practical and useful to include in my service and experience.

Although I was always sure to take my police background check and relevant insurance paperwork with me on a new client visit, one thing in particular that I made sure I would show was my Pet First Aid certification – my clients always guaranteed an extremely positive reaction.

Why include qualifications in a Petsitter profile

It became apparent that although most clients wanted to know that they were dealing with someone who was legally credible and possessed the relevant paperwork, they were always impressed that they were dealing with someone who had taken the time to invest in the personal welfare of their pet.

The impact of the client reactions actually led me to becoming a Pet First Aid instructor and making sure that all of my staff were trained up too.

Petsitter profile dogsitter hugging dog
it’s important to be comfortable with pets, and great if you are qualified

Having someone enter your home for pet-sitting, to look after your beloved pets and possessions can trigger initial fears for homeowners and it is up to us to help potential clients overcome those fears. After the initial credibility checks our ability to show that we are genuinely interested in the client’s pets is something that should be taken seriously.

Aside from the positive client reaction and the enhancement to your personal Housesitter or Petsitter profile the benefits of Pet First Aid certification are myriad. Running courses as an instructor brought me into contact with many people who had decided to get qualified in pet first aid as they had faced a situation involving pets where they were unsure of themselves. Others simply wanted to know what do should they ever have cause to.

Some people spoke of the powerlessness of not knowing what to do when faced with a situation where Pet First Aid training would have helped enormously. It was always a pleasure to watch people leaving one of my courses empowered with the knowledge that they could positively influence a situation should they need to.

The subjects of CPR, correct bandaging, how to deal with shock in pets, snake bites etc. are all things that most of us hope that we never have to encounter both with our own pets or someone else’s but knowing what to do should the worst- case scenario ever happen is an excellent confidence booster.

It may surprise you to learn that, according to the respected house/pet sitter providers around 80% of enquiries for house sitting are from clients with pets. This alone highlights the value that a pet related qualification such as pet first aid can bring to a house/pet sitter profile.

Pet First Aid Training

Pet First Aid training is worth mentioning in your Petsitter profile, and especially if you have considered and undertaken the array of different courses available has grown I always recommend a high calibre online course for pet sitters. The reason for this is two-fold

  • The petsitter has an opportunity to re-certificate and receive updates from anywhere in the world.
  • Online courses can be completed at your own pace as we all take in information at a different speed.

What I particularly like about the course that I recommend is that it’s produced by a very respected veterinary nurse and leading animal behavioural expert, Caroline Clark and externally accredited by bodies such as the CPD standards office.

Although primarily for dogs, much of the course is applicable to cats too.  DETAILS CAN BE FOUND HERE

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