Picking a real estate agent – The inside track

25 Mar, 2021

Picking a real estate agent – The inside track

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If you are planning to move house it can be a challenge to find good resources. Picking a real estate agent, the best that you can find can really make that whole part of moving house a little easier. And if you have nurtured dreams of becoming a homeowner for a while, it seems a shame to short change yourself by choosing the first agent who crosses your path.

So here is the inside track on how to choose the very best estate agent you can find to make a success of your finding your new home.

How picking a real estate agent is the key to your new home

picking a real estate agent
Finding the right agent can help secure the key to your perfect home

Looking for your next home can be an exciting venture. Perhaps you are moving into a new city, a new neighbourhood, or just moving on the other side of town. Picking a real estate agent to help you can help. But it can also be a frustrating time, especially if you are endlessly searching and failing to find your preferred real estate agent.

It can take a while to find the right home if you are searching all by yourself, but picking the right real estate agent that knows the market inside and out, they can help you find the ideal place you can call home for years to come.

Decide on a housing type before picking a real estate agent

Start your real estate journey by fine-tuning your search for an agent by deciding on your type of home. Are you interested in a family-style home in a suburban neighbourhood, a fancy apartment in a high-rise building, or a townhouse within a closed-knit community?

Asking these questions can guide you in finding the perfect real estate agent.  This really helps especially if you have a preference for the type of real estate you want.

Picking a real estate agent to find a family home

If you have kids and are married, for example, a suburban home might be what you’re looking for – this can be straightforward by picking a real estate agent such as Royal LePage (found by searching online for Royal LePage Your Community Realty).

This estate agency or other community focused ones aim to put your family in a safe area with good links to business etc nearby. Or if you are a single professional an apartment or condominium might suit you well. Once you have chosen your ideal home then you can search for a real estate agent by doing a web search.

picking a real estate agent
Once you’ve decided on your ideal home picking a real estate agent gets easier

Conduct a Localized Web Search

Most people gravitate toward the internet when picking a real estate agent, and this is a good starting point. After all, the majority of products and services people look for can be found on the web. You can start searching for real estate agents in your local area by typing in “real estate agent” in [insert your city here]. Then click on top three search results.

These will very likely be suitable real estate agencies in your area. Searching for the best real estate agent near me will help. From this generated list of options, you can navigate through each one and explore what consultation services they offer. Then find out how many available real estate agents they have listed and take your pick from there.

Picking a Real Estate Agent who is client focused

It’s in your best interest to find an agent genuinely committed to finding you the perfect home. You will soon get a sense for an agent simply trying to make a quick profit. Therefore it’s important that you make sure the real estate agent you are considering is client-focused. This means they have your best interest in mind.

Stay close and communicate regularly with your agent

Communicate with your real estate agent about your vision for an ideal home. You’ll soon learn about the person. If they inspire confidence, you can be sure they will help you find your next home as soon as possible.

Research the Real Estate Agency

There are a plethora of estate agents around. So picking a real estate agent from the internet can be nerve-racking. You have to ask yourself what makes a good real estate agent for buyers. Especially when push comes to shove and you finally have to decide which one to go with.

Where to start when picking a real estate agent

A good starting point is to visit the websites of real estate agencies you find appealing. Read about their company history, their success rate on sold houses.

You should also find information on their real estate team, and even their biographies. Some real estate agencies have biographies of their real estate agents. This can give you an idea of what they are all about, including their experience in the real estate industry.

Picking a real estate agent isn’t so hard once you have started looking. Pretty soon you’ll be a new homeowner in a new location enjoying the comforts of your wonderful new home all because you took time when picking a real estate agent.



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