Plan the housesit – Make life easier for housesitters

15 Mar, 2023

Plan the housesit – Make life easier for housesitters

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At Housesitmatch we always advise that you plan the housesit. This is especially important if you are the homeowner.  Read on to learn our top tips for how to plan the arrangements for your home and pets while you are away, in order to give you and the sitter peace of mind.

Plan the housesit to make life easy for housesitters and yourself

plan the housesit
Preparing for the arrival of your housesitter will make the whole process easier for both of you

If you’re leaving your home in the care of a housesitter, plan the housesit. There are a number of things you can do to make their lives and yours easier. They will appreciate the efforts you have made and you will have the peace of mind. Ensure that you have done everything you can to improve the experience of the sitter. 

Consider the following the next time you hire a sitter to look after your home. 

#1: Make sure your house is well-maintained

Without adequate maintenance your house be a potential hazard for the sitter. Moreover you will create problems for them if they are left to deal with any repairs in your absence.  

Before you vacate your house, check for any issues.  If anything needs fixing or replacing, organise this before your sitter arrives.

#2: Ensure your house is pest-free

It’s impossible to rid your house of every pest that could take up residence. Flies and spiders will always find a way to get in! But there is a difference between a handful of spiders and a full-blown spider infestation, so you should call out pest control if your house has become a haven for local arachnids. The same applies if you have a rodent problem or a bee’s nest situated somewhere on your property. 

This give the sitter one less issue to deal. Plus it will also stop them from making an early exit due to a spider, mouse or other pest phobia!

#3: Make sure your house is comfortable

Running good mainetnance and cleaning routines will ensure your have taken strident steps towards making your house more comfortable. However, there are other things to consider. 

For one thing, you should make sure your house is looking its best.  So have a good clean-up before the sitter arrives. You should also put fresh linen on the bed they are sleeping on and perhaps replace the mattress if is lumpy and worn as a good mattress is key to a better night’s sleep

If you take time out to make sure your house is comfortable, your sitter might return the favour by making sure your home is clean and cosy and ready for your return. 

#4: Provide directions to your home

If the sitter is new to your area, there is a chance that they might get lost when travelling to you. Not everybody has internet access on their phone or a SatNav, so the sitter could be reliant on the directions you give to them. 

Before the sitter arrives, email them a local map and directions to your property. Make sure you are also contactable by phone so they can reach you if they get lost along the way.

#5: Prepare a welcome pack

Prepare a welcome pack that contains all the information the sitter might need. At Housesitmatch we offer registered members a template briefing document called the ‘Easy Sit Guidelines’ which prompts you on all the information you might need to share. This could include instructions on how to use kitchen equipment, emergency contact numbers, guidelines on looking after your pets, and any other info that the sitter may find useful.

Plan the housesit  – Final thought

If your sitter has a good experience while caring for your house, they are more likely to sit for you again in the future. So, do what you can to make their life easier and get in touch with us if you need further information on how to prepare for their arrival. 


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