Planning a home extension – Things to note

10 Jan, 2022

Planning a home extension – Things to note

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Every homeowner dreams of that perfect space in which to live and relax at home. And planning a home extension can help you achieve that perfect space for comfortable home living. Here are some points to note while making your plans to ensure you optimise your project experience.

Planning a home extension – Here are some things to note

planning a home extension
Remodelling takes prep, and the best projects are well planned

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Everyone has a dream of how they want their house to look. You may have had this dream for years but never acted on it because the process seemed too complicated or expensive. But now you’re planning a home extension and actually making that dream a reality! There are many things to consider when choosing whether an extension is right for you, so let’s take a look at some of them.

The pros and cons of extending your home

The first thing to consider when planning a home extension is the pros and cons. It’s essential that you’re aware of any possible downsides before going ahead with a project like this. Otherwise, it may end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

The Pros

There are many advantages to adding an extension to your home – here are just a few benefits:

  • You get extra space for another room(s) from which you can live or work at no additional cost! This means having somewhere new to relax after a long day at work or even creating a studio apartment where family members who’ve moved out can come back and stay whenever they please!
  • Another great advantage of extensions is that they allow homeowners to add value to their property, which can be a huge selling point if you ever come to sell.
  • Extensions are also usually much more cost-effective than moving house – you don’t have to worry about paying estate agent fees or packing and transporting all your belongings!

The Cons

However, extending your home isn’t always the right decision. Here are some of the potential drawbacks:

  • The extra space may not be in the right location for your needs – for example, it might not be near enough to schools, shops or transport links.
  • You may find that an extension doesn’t quite meet your expectations in terms of size or design once it’s finished. This is especially likely if you haven’t planned things out properly before starting construction.
  • Building work can be disruptive and noisy. If you plan to do this during a time when your children are at school, or the elderly members of the family will need quiet, it might not be suitable after all!

Location, location, location

When considering whether an extension will suit your home, the location is obviously a big factor. There are several things you should think about before going ahead with construction. First, think about where you want to build an addition and how it’ll fit in with the current layout of your house – does everything work together? Will there be enough room for the furniture once this project’s complete? Consider talking to some architects about this particular area so you can get some expert advice on the subject.

Also, ensure that any new rooms will benefit from natural light or won’t get too much direct sunlight during certain times of the day. Also, consider if they’re away from areas that may cause noise pollution when building work begins!

What kind of home extension are you planning?

The next thing to do is plan exactly what you want your extension to be. If it’s a full-scale project, then you should think about how much work will need to go into the planning – for example, getting planning permission approved by the local council can take time!

If all of this sounds like too much hassle, another option would be simply adding an extra room to your house with some temporary walls or curtains. This doesn’t require any big plans and could even help generate income if you rent out the space on Airbnb when not being used yourself!

A final thought on planning a home extension

In conclusion, there are many things to think about when considering extending your home. But with a bit of careful planning, this can be a great way to gain extra space and add value to your property!



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